initial thoughts

So I am pretty sure my last blog post got deleted due to the fact that it automatically saved to One Drive but I don’t even have wifi so clearly that didn’t work out as planned. Anyways, life on the island is everything and more than what I pictured it would be like. The island is super rural with run-down houses that look abandoned (but people still live in) as well as gangs of feral horses and dogs. The fishing docks are not too far from the campus center, and local children are always having fun jumping and swimming


I also love that we can snorkel whenever we want, because there is one swim area literally a two second walk from where I sleep every night. I went out for a bit today and saw a squad of squids (that is def not a technical term but it sounds awesome). I am also thinking about night snorkeling tonight, but I am a little apprehensive about that.


I am currently resting in the shade in a colorful hammock enjoying the sweet scents of the Caribbean breeze. I am feeling pretty clean after a lovely “sea bath” today. You would think that cleaning yourself with salt water would leave you sticky and gross, but it was refreshing and I feel pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it took me about an hour to brush out my hair. After a short snorkel today I already had some dreads forming, this is going to be an interesting semester. Speaking of my snorkel, it was freakin amazing. I took a boat out to a reef known as “shark ally’ where the water was SO clear. The visibility was unreal and the coral was so beautiful. The current was super strong but I definitely got a good work out. I saw my first eagle ray; it was majestic and probably the coolest animal I have ever seen. I am so stoked that I will have so many more experiences like this throughout the semester. I also saw about 7 barracudas swimming together. On a normal day I feel like I would have freaked out a little because they can get aggressive, but the water was just so clear and well-lit that I wasn’t scared at all.

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