So wifi is still down so I haven’t been able to upload any photos on here like I wanted to, so I put some onto a flashdrive.  Here are some iPhone 4 photos from this week. They are all unedited so I still need to do that…

A little on my day while I wait for these photos to load… today in environmental policy we had a class that was basically discussing how life-changing the ocean/ scuba diving is.  It made me think how lucky I am this semester to be in such a beautiful location.  I have a deep connection with the ocean and I think this semester is really showing me that I am not every going to be happy/content if I do not surround myself with the sea.  I know marine biology might not be the best paying career, but I think that it is more important to follow my passions and pursue this path. 

IMG_4025 IMG_4077IMG_4387IMG_4195IMG_4215IMG_4225IMG_4243IMG_4264IMG_4312IMG_4129IMG_4181IMG_4186IMG_4417IMG_4458IMG_4467IMG_4491IMG_4508IMG_4543IMG_4546

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