the ocean: a poem by me

One of my assignments to complete over the course over the semester is to complete a project that tells a story of what the ocean means to me.  So I decided to make a collection of photographs and poems that aims to answer this difficult question.  I have never been a great writer but here is my first poem I wrote today…


What does the ocean mean to me you ask?

Well answering this question is a difficult task

My heart belongs to the currents and tides

From the depths to the shallows my soul resides

There is not one aspect of the sea that I favor

But it’s the salty breeze and sun rays I savor

I am in love with the ocean, I will say it loud and clear

It’s a simple fact for the whole world to hear

It has offered me wisdom, laughter, memories, and more

I could not be more grateful that I was brought up near the shore

I would be a whole different person if I was not a child of the sea

It has shaped who I am, and that is now clear to me

From scuba diving to surfing, the ocean clears my mind

It calms all my worries, and it’s serenity that I find

Being submerged and hearing nothing but bubbles

I could get lost in the beauty, it takes away all my troubles

It is something about the vast expanse that captivates me

There is so much to be discovered in the great blue sea

It is this simple fact that I find so appealing

There is so much unknown, which is a daunting feeling

But I do know for sure that the sea has shaped who I am today

And the ocean means the world to me, I can honestly say





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