blue mind

So I have recently started a book titled Blue Mind, and it might be one of the best reads I have had in a while. It is about human’s fascination for ocean and the water, and aims to explain what neurological effects the sea has on people. It goes on to talk about how universally there’s something about the ocean that attracts and fascinates us. Being near water makes us happier and healthier, reduces stress, and brings us peace. This book has really opened my heart and allowed me to see how in love I am with the sea. The ocean truly gives me joy and well-being. Reading about people’s relationships with water and how healing it can be really made me appreciate my childhood growing up on the coast. And I am truly blessed to get to spend a semester on the tranquil turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos. Spending every day with the view of its vast expanse, I could not be in a more beautiful setting. Every day I get to submerge myself in the tropic water and I know this is home. No matter where in the world I find myself, I know I can find a body of water, submerge my body, and be at home. Now all of this insightful thinking has swayed my ideas for my future career to be related to water, because I know that if I surround myself with the ocean, I will be able to find happiness and self-fulfillment. “…everything we do on this planet matters…beautiful water should be accessible to everyone. And not just water for drinking or growing crops: water to play in, jump in, splash in, throw at our friends; water to recreate in, to sail or surf or fish or swim or boat in; water to watch or listen to; water to go under and explore; water to love, cherish, care for, and protect. Our planet’s waters are worth fighting for, risking everything for, and standing up for. Because being fully immersed in water, moving across or near water, really is everything you know it to be. It truly can do all that you think it can do for your body, your mind, and your relationships.” I am passionate for the ocean and I do love it with all my heart. I want to conserve and heal it. I want future generations to have the same gift I have had from its magnificence.

“Get in the water. Walk along the water. Move across its surface. Get under it. Sit in it. Leap into it. Listen to it. Touch the water. Close your eyes and drink a big glass. Fall more deeply in love with water and all its shapes, colors, and forms. Let it heal you and make you a better, stronger version of yourself. You need water. And water needs you now.”IMG_4552

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