the ocean’s abyss

There is another realm that can be explored under the sea

A place abounding with secrets that will set your mind free

When I am submerged I swear I can fly

Soaring, effortless and graceful like a bird in the sky

The breathtaking landscape can seem surreal

But the vastness and serenity will surely heal

The ocean is my medicine, it mends my wounds

I am a child of the tides, a follower of the moons

The ocean is my home, I adore its embrace

From its endless hues of blues to its salty taste

Rivers of air escape my lungs

Ascending towards the blazing sun

The sounds of bubbles fill my ears

It calms me until I have no fears

An orchestra of bubbles is all that can be heard

The silence and hush of the sea are much preferred

Diving through a coral maze is a sight to behold

I wish this moment would last forever, truth be told

Dazzling light dances upon the sea floor

Grab your scuba gear and come explore

The ocean’s depth beckons to be discovered

With mysteries and wonders to be uncovered


Another poem for my #bluemind project for environmental policy…  A little distraction to keep my mind of midterms for a bit.  Hope you enjoyed!


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