mother ocean

another poem for my #bluemind project

The ocean is a force that is unlike any other

It is the source of life to all things on earth, our precious mother

She is strong and powerful, but can still put us to ease

She is the foundation of existence, the immense seas

The tides ebb and flow according to the moon

A perfect balance that keeps the planet attuned

It is amazing that the ocean is what keeps humans alive

Without her resources, we might not survive

It makes me wonder why humans treat her with such disrespect

From pollution to overfishing you can sense our neglect

The ocean is sick, she needs our assistance

I am not one to sit out and watch from a distance

A change needs to take place and it is up to my generation

We must alter our consumption, which may some frustration

But if we continue with our wasteful habits the sea might never mend

She is broken and littered; our current practices need to end

I am the voice for our ailing ocean

I will fight for her will all my devotion

If humankind came together we could surely change the health of our mother

It is our responsibility and we must look after one another


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