“and then one time…I ate my mamas cat”

The past few days have been a roller coaster of emotions. Lots of ups and downs and highs and lows, but today things are looking up.  This weekend started out with me waking up in a grumpy mood.  I absolutely hate it when I don’t wake up with a good mood, but I try to plaster a smile on my face and go through life with the best vibes possible.  Anyways, Saturday I had a dive at 8 am, which is one of the highlights of my week.  I was pretty stoked to go out, because we no longer have dives on Wednesdays because of DR, so its my only dive of the week.  Well… we got out to the dive spot, and the water conditions were pretty awful.  We got in the water and my divemaster wrote on her slate that the clarity and bad and the currents were too strong so we wouldn’t be able to dive to the wall.  My spirits were low but I went on with a positive attitude.  Turns out, diving is not fun when you are struggling against a current and can’t see very far.  I don’t mean to complain about a bad dive, and I know I sound spoiled, but it didn’t reach my expectations and overall I was just a little bummed.  After my dive I went to my friendship family with Luda.  It is kinda rare that the fam is home when we go, but this time they were home and we had so much fun!  Theres one little girl, Moeisha, who is 5 and super sassy and awesome.  She has two older siblings who are pretty close to my age so they are so much fun to talk with.  Cameo is a senior in high school, and he is a little shy but his sister told us he loves having us there.  The other sibling is a junior in college, and we bonded Saturday.  We talked about music, boys, school, and all that good stuff.  She then told me how much she loves the students at school for fields, so we agreed to get some high schoolers and SFS students to hang out together sometime.  After this friendship family, it was time for community outreach…even more volunteering.  I signed up for snorkel club, so I went out with the older kids and had a trash pick up competition in the swim zone….winning team got ice cream as a prize.  I had a great team and the boys were great swimmers (thank god).  The only thing scarier than having a huge barracuda staring me down is to have a giant barracuda stare the children I am responsible for.  I hurried them away from the evil fish, with plenty of reassuring “its fine they are harmless”. Anyways, it was all fine and my team owned and won the competition (woohoo!).  Next was sight clean up, which I mopped the kitchen/ commons…always fun.  Eventually we had dinner and then we spent the night in the town, getting a little too tipsy.  That’s really all I have to say about Saturday night.

Sunday was a day that I had free due to the fact that it was Sunday. So… after a shitshow morning, pardon my French, I took on the town with Luda Kirbs and Chase.  We went to Randys to try to get some tiger shark, but he wasn’t there.  We casually passed trench where a bunch of chill locals were, so we walked over and hung out, and ended up staying for like 4 hours. Reds saw us there and he brough over some tiger shark meat for us to eat. NJ, a child that is adorable, well his mom is super sweet and she threw together some fried tiger shark.  And it was delicious.   I felt super guilty about it because I love alive sharks, but whatever it was already dead so I tried it and don’t regret it at all.  Not many people can say that they’ve eaten tiger shark meat. When we were having this meal we were chatting with a local names Dragon, who we were asking about the weird things he ate.  His list was weird and included some feral horse and donkeys found on the island.  He also ate cat, which is where the title of this blog post arose “…then one time, I ate my mamas cat!” It was just such a random and hilarious statement we all laughed for so long.

^So I might have written that paragraph when I got back from the bars last night, but I am keeping it there because I think it is hilarious

Anywho, Sunday funday was a success, after a billion games of dominos and a tummy full of shark, I headed to the dock to hang out, then back to the center. Kirbs Luda and I watched part of Shutter Island together in my bunk, until it got dark at like 5:30 and I decided it was time to nap so I kicked them out.  Turns out, I never woke up from my nap so I literally got 13 hours of sleep. Didn’t even wake up once throughout the night… I am impressive.  Monday I woke up pretty well rested, and went out for my DR (directed research).  The lobster crew and I were supposed to dive the south end of long cay, which I was particular stoked for because of my lack of recent diving.  We got out on the boat (with all our gear) and the site ended up having some huge waves and strong current, so we snorkeled it.  Now snorkeling against a current and through waves is not graceful, and I swallowed a lot of water.  I was a little bummed, but that is life and I got over it shortly.  The weather was pretty bad, much to my delight, so no lobstermen went out fishing.  Therefore, I had the entire afternoon off.  I finished my homework by 12, then was able to go out to town with Luda.  We went bar hopping and got some lunch at Darrels.  YUM it was cracked conch and fries, so delish.  I man also recognized me as a girl who was talking about wanting to find a milk conch, so bless is soul (his name is Soul lol), he walked me to his house where he had a collection of shells he had been saving, and he gave me a beautiful little milk conch. It made my day cause it was genuinely kindhearted of him.  Soo let see what else, after some dancing and talking at Darrels, we headed to chicken bar.  There were a bunch of kids there, so naturally I befriended them.  I met one chica named Mama (because her sass/ foul mouth) and she insisted on doing my hair.  After a lot of tearing and pulling, she successfully did some cool braids in my hair.  Not even sure how she managed considering I hadn’t washed or brushed my hair since scuba and snorkeling (I know ew). It was fine though, she was hilarious and had a photo shoot with her friends and I.  After she left I talked to some white men who were on the island building reef balls.  I should mention that white people are pretty rare here and stand out like a sore thumb.  They were really interesting and ended up telling us their life stories.  Basically these men travel the world and coral reefs implementing, building, and teaching people about reef balls.  Reef balls are a specific combination of matericals (sorta like concrete) that are built with molds into balls with a lot of holes and ledges for fish to live in.  They also put on coral to grow from broken fragments found in the ocean within a mile of the site that they are putting the balls.  I don’t know, it sounds like a pretty awesome to me to live like that.

After, we went back to the center for dinner. It was not the greatest dinner but whatever, I had a scoop of white rice and then headed back out.  We started at Ritas per usual, then spent the rest of the night at Darrells.  It was a pretty low key night for me, but I had a lot of fun!

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