not really a blog post

Life is unpredictable. It doesn’t take account for people’s feelings, their conveniences, and their utmost yearnings. Life is random.  Life can be mean, it can be cruel, it can be unfair and it can be horrible.  Life doesn’t have a direct path.  It us unexpected and erratic.  I think that is what is the hardest to deal with.  The inconsistency.  In a world that thrives on organization, it is hard to deal with unforeseeable events.  Personally, I am all about consistency.  I like my life to have stability.  But all the scheduling, organizing, arranging, and planning cannot prepare me for what life throws my way.  Sometimes I wish it were that easy.  I wish I could wake up in the morning and be set, to be ready for everything.  Sometimes I wish I could have more control.  But in the end of the day I know that would not be a way to live.  The best memories are the spur of the moment decisions.  The accidental happenings that turn into something beautiful.  The dazzling sunset over a still ocean as I return home from a long day of work.  Those blissful encounters with a long lost friend. The smile from a stranger when you need it most. It is all about those random events that compile and make a life worth living.  Once in a while those obstacles can seem insurmountable.  Days might seem impossible to get through, months even more unbearable.  But those are the important moments.  The time where strength and courage really show.  Getting through these difficulties is the opportunity to show who you really are, and what you are capable of.  When hardships arise, you can figure out what is most important to you, and what you hold most dear.  I have learned how important support from my friends and family can be.  I have learned how music, alone-time, and the ocean are always there to soothe my mind.  Life is amazing.  It is resilient and it is a miracle.  I am astonished each and every day with its beauty.

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