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So today was classes in the morning and a “field trip” after lunch.  Classes today included a review of what we have learned this semester in order to prepare us for our upcoming finals.  How crazy is that, this semester is winding time at we had our last lectures.  That is insane, it has gone by way too fast.  I think leaving this island is going to be a very hard adjustment.  I have found what I love and am passionate about, and then I have to leave.  Fortunately for me, my year is one out of dreams, and I am not going home to “real life”.  I am adventuring for a month in Hawaii with my sister, and that will be a perfect distraction for me.  Hawaii is very different than the Turks and Caicos, both in culture and wildlife, but it will be a good place for me to readjust to civilization.  At the same time I really won’t need to readjust for long because I will be heading to Africa a few short weeks after I return home from Hawaii.  I am incredibly excited for my adventures in Africa, but I haven’t really had time to think about it much because I am so busy here.  I definitely have a lot to do to be prepared.  Both in packing perspective and mentally.  I know I am going to struggle with the early curfew and strict rules, but at the same time I will be having lifechanging experiences, which will make it all worth it.  I am so lucky to get to experience such different cultures and landscapes in a single year.  I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it.  I don’t know anything about Tanzania, and I don’t know how to speak a lick of Swahili, but I am thrilled to learn, as well as be immersed in a new culture.  South Caicos culture was surprisingly different than in the United States, and I experienced a little culture shock.  I can’t even imagine how different it will be in Africa, and I hope I am ready to deal with the differences.  EEK so much to look forward to these upcoming months.

Anyways, this afternoon we had a field trip for environmental policy.  It was part of our ongoing bluemind project, so we went out to a new site (middleton cay) and snorkeled around.  It was incredible.  The water was crystal clear and smooth as glace.  This location was basically a conch graveyard, and there were islands of their shells, it was a sight to behold.  Apparently in the past, fisherman would save gas by camping on the island for weeks, collecting conch to sell.  They would knock and clean them on the island, which is why all the shells have been discarded in piles offshore.  Our teacher Ed assigned boats, and luckily I got a great group.  Me, Kirby, Luda, Kristan, and Lu all were able to snorkel together.  There were some patches of mangroves with tons of juvenile fish and even a nurse shark.  It was breathtaking, and I never want to leave this place


Even when the boat was moving the water was so smooth and clear.  WE could see the bottom the entire ten minute boat ride home.  So beautiful
Even when the boat was moving the water was so smooth and clear. WE could see the bottom the entire ten minute boat ride home. So beautiful
Luda being adorable with a sea star
Luda being adorable with a sea star
nice pile of conch
nice pile of conch
nurse shark wasn't even phased by my presence
nurse shark wasn’t even phased by my presence

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