and the adventure continues

I am currently lying in bed, exhausted from the past few days adventures. It has been a fun filled week thus far. My plane landed Monday evening at around 6 pm, Kylie picked me up at the airport in a gorgeous jeep wrangler that we rented for the week. We drove to my Aunt’s house where I had dinner with the family and got to see my cousins! It was nice to catch up and share some time together. Next, we went to another Aunties house, where we will be staying. It was super nice of her to let us stay in her home, she is such a sweetie. Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early, around 5 am, to start our day. We packed some food and headed to the East side of Oahu to watch the sunrise. We stopped at a random beach, and it ended up being breathtakingly beautiful. With the mountains and ocean with the swaying palm trees, it really was paradise. We went to Lanikai Juice for breakfast and I had the most delish banana peanut butter smoothie. Then we headed to the North Shore for day one of the pipe master invitationals. It was a blast, we saw some incredible surfers and there were just so many good looking people on that beach it was lovely. After the meet we adventured in Haleiwa where we shopped around and had dinner. We wandered into this random Thai restaurant which ended up being a fantastic meal. The owner had been featured on the food network and we actually recognized him! He took our orders, but instead of asking us what we wanted from the menu he asked a series of questions about what kind of food we liked and then ordered a mystery meal for us. We ended up getting tofu salad wraps and I got some sort of vegetarian noodle dish, I loved it! I went fast to bed that night. The next morning was another bright and early rise, we headed to the North Shore. Unfortunately, the surf meet was a lay day, so we decided to go on a hike. It was a pretty epic view of sunset beach. It was a pretty cool trail up the side of a mountain, ending with two pillbox structures that offered a breath taking panoramic view of the ocean. I loved it! We also stopped at Waimea bay where the swells were up to 30 feet! It was awesome to see, and I am pretty sure I even spotted Kelly Slater, which is obviously pretty rad! We also checked out shark cove and waimea valley for a little bit. Got up close and personal with wild peacocks which were roaming about the valley. Later that night, we headed to Waikiki where we watched the sunset and then walked along the beach and shopped. It was a perfect day. Thursday was another incredible day. We woke up early and went to Makapu’u where we hiked. It was our first time doing this trail, and it offered some incredible sights. It was a blast despite some unfortunate circumstances (missing items) but all is well and we found what we misplaced, so we then headed down the road in our awesome jeep. We passed a road side stand which was selling “ice cold coconuts” which we couldn’t resist. We bought two and headed to the beach. We hung out, drank our coconuts (with a casual side of rum and POG), ate some papaya, and floated on little tubes we had purchased. It was a lovely afternoon. After the rain came down, we decided it as time to leave and we headed to a discount surf shop. We also shopped ar Ross’s (similar to TJ Maxx and Marshal’s) and I got some three dollar sunglasses, a sarong, and a long skirt for Africa. Then, we headed to the food court where we got some sushi. By this time I was exhausted, so we headed home for a great night sleep. The next morning was probably the most incredible thing I have ever done. We woke up at 5:30 and drove to the North Shore. I got another banana smoothie, and Kylie got an Acai Bowl, and we enjoyed our breakfast on top of our jeep in front o a beautiful beach. It was unreal. Next, we headed to Haeiwa harbor where we did a freedive with One Ocean Divers. It was epic, we got to swim with so many sharks. Not only were we able to do this without a cage, but we also got to learn a lot about the types of sharks and their behaviors. It was super interesting, and I am so jealous of the owners lives, I hope someday I can have a business like that. They are passionate about conservation which is why they are educating the tourists about why sharks are so important. It was just overall an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone visiting Hawaii. We got so up close and personal with these amazing creatures, and I wasn’t even scared. They told us exactly what to expect, and it prepared me to be in the water, just feet away from there sharks. There were 16 sandbar sharks swimming with us, it was so cool. After this dive, we went to a house on North Shore with the guys who were on the shark dive with us. These guys worked for a surf website, The Inertia, and had a pretty sick house right on Sunset Beach (where the surf competition is held). SO we hung out there for a bit, and then walked over and watched the competition. It was amazing. I got so close to all these surfers that I read bout and watch videos, but it was so cool to watch them first hand. I wa also thrilled to get to watch the Womens invitational. I got to see Stephanie Gilmore, Bethany Hamilton, Carissa Moore, and Tyler Wright. It was literally so awesome!! After the meet we snorkeled at shark’s cove, and then watched the sunset on a nearby beach. It was breath taking. The next day was another incredible adventure. We went scuba diving with ocean legends. It was amazing, and very different then my dives in Turks and Caicos. The water was a little cooler, leaving me shivering wearing a wetsuit, even though I was not used to wearing one. The visibility was also not as clear, but it was not really an issue. There were also a lot more fish, and large schools of them, but there was also a lot less coral. The first site we dove was a large shipwreck. It was beautiful and we even got to swim inside of it. It was awesome. We saw a white tipped reef shark, some nudibranchs, Kylie saw a turtle, and we also saw some eels! Not to mention an incredible school of angel fish. The next site was a reef. The coral was a lot more dead than what I am used to, but it was still beautiful. We saw a lot of eels, fish, and nudibranchs! It was a great morning. After, we had lunch at a saimen restaurant nearby. It was great. After, we headed back home to shower and nap before we ventured to the swap meet in the Aloha Stadium. I bought more than I should have, but they had all sorts of inexpensive jewelry and gifts, I just couldn’t resist. Next, we headed to Ala Moauna beach. We layed in the sun, went for a walk, and enjoyed fresh avocado that we got from the swap meet. After watching the sunset, we headed to Waikiki where we walked around and looked at hotels. It was a very fun night, sneaking into hot tubs, getting into trouble, and just exploring the area. We came across a stir fry tent/area, where we had an incredible dinner. Basically, we pucked what meets and veggies we wanted, and what sauces and toppings we liked, and then chefs prepared it, and then we got rice and noodles. It was so delicious, and the workers were super sweet. The next morning, we stayed in the house and waited to hear if the surf meet was on. Turns out, it was another lay day, and it was pouring, so we googled things to do in Oahu in the rain. This led us to Manoa Falls hike. I have done this hike before, but it was absolutely amazing in the rain. It was such an adventure, it was located inside a lush jungle, literally where Lost was filmed. It was beautiful and so green. We wore some trash bags to protect us from the rain, but we ended up getting soaked anyways, and dancing around in our bikinis. The waterfall was very large due to the recent rain, so it was just an amzing spectacle. My favorite hike of this trip thus far. After the hike we headed home to take a warm shower and nap. I set my alarm for 11:45 so I could check to see if the surf meet was still off. Turns out it was, and I ended up sleeping until like 3. It was quite a nap. I woke up and had some hot chocolate and spam musubi that my Aunt made. Then, we headed to my other Aunts house, for dinner with the whole family. I got to see my 9 month old baby cousin for the first time. She was precious. It was nice to get to hang out with my cousins. After dinner, we went and walked around a town that was decked out in Christmas lights. There was one street that was super decorated with lights, which were all sunced together to Christmas music. It was quite an amazing sight.

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