on the plane

The adventure continues

It is currently Monday, December 8th, and I am exactly 38,500 feet above the Pacific Ocean, heading to Hawaii. I have about four hours left of this plane ride, and I am bored out of my mind, so I thought “hey, why not work on a blog post!” The past few days since my arrival from Turks and Caicos on Thursday has been hectic to say the least. I have been very busy trying to maximize my three days home. This includes unpacking and repacking, so it has been quite a disaster (trashed the house, sorry mom and dad). I had an enjoyable time in Maine, minus the freezing temperatures making it a little hard to tolerate. Going from high 80s to 10s is quite a shock to the system. I took my fair share of baths, hot showers, and hot tubs to try to warm up, but it was a struggle. Even shopping in Freeport was difficult because I just did not want to be outside. Good thing I am heading back towards more 80 degree weather! I have missed Hawaii so much. It might be surprising, considering I have been living on a tropical island this year, but Hawaii is eons different than South Caicos. Hawaii feels a lot more like home. The people are nice in both places, but the vibes in Hawaii are incredible and its one of those places that nowhere can possibly compare to. Hawaii is just so unique, and the culture is so different, it is hard to put to words.

Anyways, Kylie, my older sister, has been on Oahu for a few days already. The Billabong Pipe Pro started today, so we will def be going to that event this week, and I am beyond stoked. I am used to watching these events streaming on my IPhone while I study in the library or in my bed at Dickinson. So to be lucky enough to physically get to watch it is making me so happy. These surfers are huge inspirations and I think it will be incredible to get to see them in person, I will def be taking a ton of photos. I am also thrilled I get to spend alone time in Hawaii with Kylie. We haven’t been there together in a while, and I know we will get to go on tons of adventures and make some life long memories. There is so much on the island I want to do…eek I am so excited to land. I wish this plane flight was shorter, but hey, how can I complain with a destination like Hawaii. I am so lucky, some people go their entire lifes without getting to visit this beautiful island.

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