I can’t believe I am in Africa right now. My life is amazing and I am so blessed with these opportunities for me to travel. On the plane ride I was getting so excited and writing in my journal about all my goals. Many of which I have somewhat achieved with my experiences exploring and traveling to new sights. I am living the dream and I never want to wake up from this unreal life of exploration I have got going for me. I am going to ride it out as long as possible. To some, my goals might sound ridiculous and unlikely, but I know with determination I can easily achieve them. After I graduate I do not want to go into some boing job working 9-5 for something I am not passionate about. I want to see the world. Immerse myself in new cultures, see new things, and just be independent and vibrantly living.

I have definitely taken advantage of all my time I get to spend abroad. There is little down-time, and I enjoy that. During my three hour layover in Amsterdam I didn’t even consider siting at the gate to wait for the boarding time. I wanted to explore the airport and take in the few hours I had in Europe. It was so much fun to be around such different people. There were so many languages flooding the air and so many different cultures. It was awesome. Two girls and I strayed off from the group flight to walk around. We enjoyed delish coffee in a Danish inspired teacup table. I perused menus and practiced my pronunciation of the foreign words (which was a struggle). I looked at a bunch of different shops, tried some local cheese and chocolate, and even bought some souveniers. If I had more time I definitely would have left the airport to explore the city!

The flight from JFK to Amsterdam was about six hours long. Then, Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro was around 8. It was a long day but fortunately the airlines provided delicious meals and some awesome movies. On both flights I sat next to fellow SFS students so I got to know them well. Everyone seems super nice and I can tell there are some awesome people in this group.

I am currently in Arusha at a hotel, which was about an hour drive from the airport. The cars we drive are awesome. They are bad ass safari Jeeps that were pretty spacious and had popup roofs to view the wildlife. It was 8pm when we got to Tanzania, so unfortunately we weren’t able to admire the scenery. When we arrived at the hotel we threw our stuff into our room and had dinner. I wasn’t hungry so I munched on some veggies and pineapple. But they had some local food like rice and meat stew (which I passed on). It is currently 10:00 pm, an 8 hour time difference from Maine. It is going to be hard to get used to! Tomorrow we leave around 8 to head to campus and start a day of orientation! Can’t wait to see Tanzania by day! I will take tons of pics!

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