weekend in maui

Wow, I am utterly exhausted from an action filled and exciting weekend. It was my first full weekend on Maui, so of course I took advantage of every opportunity to explore and adventure. Friday afternoon after work I headed to S. Kihei to go grocery shopping, get a snack (Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade…it is amazing, got an acai bowl), then watched the sunset as I facetimed my friend Luda from my semester abroad in Turks and Caicos. It was a picture perfect evening with surfers paddling around and the sunset was absolutely stunning. After, I did some lap swimming for a bit under the stars at my condo. On Saturday I really wanted to experience parts of the island I haven’t seen. I went snorkeling at Ulua beach at about 7:30 am. The conditions were perfect, with a bright sun, little waves, and great visibility. The coral was teaming with fish, and I even got to swim with some graceful sea turtles, it was amazing.

Sidenote: the tsunami alarms are blazing right now and maybe I freaked out a little, apparently it’s a test they do in the beginning of each month, someone could have told me that…..

After Ulua, I drove around Kihei, checking out the little markets that are always closed by the time I get off work during the week. I headed to some farmers markets where I picked up some fresh produce and a coconut as a refreshing drink. I meandered through some craft fairs and shops until I decided it was time to eat lunch. I went to this health food store where I got a veggie burrito, it was to die for. I enjoyed my coconut and burrito on one of Kihei’s many beautiful beaches. It was picture perfect. After I went to Iao Valley where I did a little “off the beaten path” trail. It was so beautiful and worth the struggle. The trail was through a lush and beautiful rainforests, on top of mountain ridges, and ended up on a mountain top with an amazing view. The trail was super muddy, so I did it barefoot cause my flip flops were not cutting it. I was relieved when I came across people at the end, as I was a little nervous I was all alone out there. There were about 10 people, some of them my age, from all over the world who were staying in a hostel together. I accompanied them for the rest of the hike, which was super fun. It was raining harder than I even thought was possible. I was drenched, muddy, and chilly by the time we were done the hike. We all headed to a river together where we swam in a waterfall and cleaned the mud off. I can’t even describe how pretty it was. So lush, with moss growing everywhere and crystal clean river water. Ah, life is good.

After Iao Valley, I wandered in my car and found a beautiful Buddhist temple and garden where I walked around and took some photos. The background was the mountains which were engulfed in clouds and it was just so serene and perfect. Next, I drove for about 10 minutes until I got to a mall where I decided to grab some food before the concert. I went to L & L Hawaiian barbeque and got a shrimp salad (YUM). I shopped around the mall for an hour before I drove a short five minutes to the Maui Arts and Cultural Center where I would be watching Trevor Hall. It was an incredible concert, and even the starting singer was amazing. It was a local boy who was so passionate about the Hawaiian land and sang about GMOS, keeping the reef clean, and Hawaii. He had an incredible voice. Apparently he was the son of Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers. His dad was in the audience and Trevor played some covers of his songs, which was pretty funny. Trevor sings about the coolest things, and holds close ties with Hawaii. I freaked out a little when he sang his song Haleakala, which is about a mountain in Maui. Apparently his new album comes out in August and most of the songs are written about Maui, so I am really looking forward to that.

Sunday was a little more relaxing. I went to church in Lahaina, where I enjoyed singing Hawaiian hymns to the ukulele. Then I headed to kaanapali, with the intention to do some snorkeling. The waves were massive though so I laid out on the sand and watched the surfers and boogie boards on these huge waves. It was cool to see. After, I headed home to Kihei, where I did an hour of lap swimming then laid out in the sun. I met some people who lived in Maui, and before I knew it I had been there for 4 hours, and I was completely sun burnt. I returned to my condo, ate my dinner, than passed out at like 5:50.

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