I dont want to leave

I can’t believe I leave this beautiful island of Maui tomorrow, time really does fly! I have had such an incredible experience, all I can think about is how I am going to get myself back here.  Speaking of which, my plans are to return this winter for whale season to help with some research and helping out on the humpback whale response team!  Fingers crossed I can find a place to live!

Feel free to watch my video I made of my trip so far here

So I’m going to highlight some of my favorite memories I made this summer.  The first of which are the incredible scuba diving trips I went on.  The first of which was to the backside of Molokini, which was an amazing drift dive with sharks and so many fish.  The water here is crystal clear, making for some amazing dives.  That same day, I went to a lava pinnacle and another spot on southern maui which was just so cool.  I explored some caves and lava tubes, and saw more sharks, rays, and even some turtles.  The next dive trip I had was on the big island, on my unforgettable night dive with manta rays…seriously one of the coolest things I have ever done.  My next trip was out to the island of Lanai, home to the very famous cathedral dive sites.  Wow, it is hard to describe but we swam through massive chambers with sunlight holes, ah it was beautiful.  Off of Lanai was another really beautiful reef that also had a 150ft lava tube we went through, luckily I had my flashlight! That was supposed to be it for diving for the day, but once I got to the harbor they said they had some cancellations for the next charter so naturally I dropped more money and signed right up!  That afternoon we went to Mala pier, an old dock/pier that had been ruined by storms and is now underwater and literally covered with wildlife.  The coral is so beautiful and there are so many little crevices to dive through and explored.  We saw some eagle ray, turtle, several sharks, a frog fish, a scorpion fish, and a massive school of fish, it was amazing.  We actually did that dive site twice because there was so much to see! My last dive was off the coast of Molokai, to see hammerheads!  Ah, I know I sound crazy because I love seeing sharks, but I love to watch them, they are truly amazing animals.  We saw about 10-13 hammerheads on my dives, some were up to 12 feet long! Truly amazing, and the first hammerheads I have ever seen!  We also saw a monk seal sunning on the rocks, and that was truly a treat because there are so few of these seals left. The channel between Molokai and maui was pretty rough, I think they saif 7-9 foot seas, and the majority of people were seasick, but I stayed strong and enjoyed every minute of the boatride, we even were escorted back to the harbor by a pod of dolphins!

Hiking has been another one of my favorite activities on the island.  I did the full road to Hana once, where I went on some beautiful hikes.  There are just so many hidden waterfalls and lush sceneries to explore.  I even gathered a ton of courage (and/or stupidity) and jumped off a 40 foot cliff into a pool.  I made sure other people went before me.  I also did a really fun ridge trail that had incredible views, oh and I almost forgot about my little off-trail hiking adventure at Iao Valley.  It was downpouring rain, and I was barefoot, but I had a smile on my face the wholetime, it was so fun, and we even got to wash off the mud in the waterfalls nearby, how cool is that!

Maui and all of Hawaii definitely feels like home, I guess technically now it is home!  This past year has been a dream, a crazy hectic nonstop adventure.  From Turks and Caicos to oahu to maui to maine to Africa to maine to Hawaii.  I just need to sleep it off for a week straight, I am beyond exhausted,  but it is my final day on the island and I know I will regret every minute not spent on the beach.

So tomorrow evening I head to Oahu to see the parents for two days, Saturday I depart oahu and arrive in Washington, DC on Sunday.  I am sure Sunday will either be spent exploring every opportunity in DC, or passed out on my hotel room bed!  I will be in DC presenting research/ listening to other presentations until Friday, and finally I will be heading “home’ to maine where I will be couch surfing and working full time as a nanny.  Fun stuff!  Life is busy but every moment is an adventure, and I wouldn’t change one second of it!

cathedrals off of the coast of Lanai
school of fish off Mala warf
manta rays on the big island
manta rays on the big island
snorkeling with dolphins
my friend alex and i playing in waterfalls

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