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These past two days have been a whirlwind of emotions and excitement at Dickinson College.  As mentioned in my last post, this week has been filled with Mark Ruffalo.  I was able to see him speak at the non-profit I work for on campus (ALLARM), my Nature Writing Class, the college’s “evening with Ruffalo” event in the auditorium, and last but not least my Aquatics class.

For aquatics we were assigned a project that made scientific data more relatable and easier to understand for the public.  For the assignment, we were told to choose any disturbance topic, but we were also told that Ruffalo and his team from Water Defense (his non-profit) would be attending our poster sessions.  Sydney and I worked on our infographic together and switched topics about 5 times until we settled on what that we knew Water Defense would be equally passionate about, Acid Mine Draining. Read a little about that topic and check out the water defense website here.

Anyways, our presentation went way beyond expectations. The staff at Water Defense loved our infographic and want to use it on their website along with on news fronts (like NBC!) as they are interviewed about the affects that the Animas River spill has on the indigenous people of the Navajo Nation.  It was such a great experience to present for such an important activist, and I definitely faced some fears as I presented as I was videotaped, photographed, and watched by so many awesome people.  It was such a hit that Scott Smith offered to take Sydney and I to check out Navajo Nation, and we will for sure be taking him up on that offer!

Since that class, I have been interviewed by the college videographer (check out the video here)

and I have also been interviewed by the College Newspaper, the Dickinsonian (read article here)

making an appearance on Water Defense's Facebook!
making an appearance on Water Defense’s Facebook!


my photo was also on an online news article, read more here

presenting to Ruffalo
presenting to Ruffalo
Sydney, me, Scott Smith, Ruffalo, and Prof Strock
Sydney, me, Scott Smith, Ruffalo, and Prof Strock

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