Double head cabbage primary school: service and fun 

Day two at double head cabbage primary school was a little better for me. I was less exhausted and a little more hydrated. In the morning we we’re working in the garden so I helped with weeding, soil amendments, planting seeds, and moving around flowers. Gardening can be relaxing and its fulfilling to grow your own food. It was pretty hot out again, but I covered my shoulders in attempts to not get burnt. After lunch was time to spend with the kids. I think Tis afternoon was the highlight of my time here and I got to know some of the kids really well . I helped them on their mat project, and it was kind of chaotic but they all listened to me when I told them what to do. Imagine an entire school working on the same arts and crafts program, that’s basically what I was dealing with. The boys didn’t seem as into the crafts as the girls, but I started working with one boy named Gareth who got so into it and was so proud of the work he accomplished and was showing all his teachers. During break he stayed back with his friends to work on Mats with me, even though he had the choice of playing outside. He introduced me to his friends who were so adorable and were teaching me all about the kinds of fish in the river and how they catch and eat them. One of them asked me if he could come home with me in my suitcase which was both really cute and really sad. I’ll definitely miss these guys. There’s another beautiful little girl named kaia who always holds my hand and hugs me and she’s so precious. She taught me some songs and dances and I showed her some from my childhood. These kids really opened up quite fast and almost all of the 70 kids knew our names and would enthusiastically call out “bye ms.lyndsey!” from the bus. I do wish I could stay here longer! Another highlight of the day was fixing their broken basketball court. We put up new backboards and hoops and gave them a few balls which made them very excited and appreciative.
I really like Central America and totally would love to travel to like every country here to see the different cultures and experience all there is to do down here. I really hope I’ll find a good time in my life to really travel. There’s so many places I want to go to, too many to even write down. Slowly but surely this past year I’ve crossed things off my bucket list, so I’m definitely making more progress!


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