I hate goodbyes

Our third day at double tree cabbage made me realize how much all these kids opened up there hearts to us. Almost all of them knew my name by day three, and they were all so willing to include me in their games and wanted me to play with them or join in with their activities. In the morning we did final touches on the garden. This included planting seeds and moving sand from a pile in a field to a little courtyard in front of the garden. It was super hot out and I got a bit of a burn but It was fun nonetheless. The afternoon I was back in the classroom working on mats! It was clear that students were getting very into this project and we’re taking ownership over particular mats which I thought was awesome. I had a little fan club of little boys who made a rug with a heart and giggled saying “the heart is for you ms.Lyndsey” it was pretty funny and I thought it was awesome that even the boys really enjoyed making the crafts and once again they stayed indoors during recess to work on the project. It was really sad and hard saying goodbye to some of these kids. I got so many hugs and had heartfelt conversations with them. So many asked if I’ll be back next year and it’s so hard because I can’t make any promises but if I’m ever back in Belize I would most definitely make an effort to return and hang out with them.  

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