Stella Maris primary school in Belize City

The past two days have been spent in Belize city at Stella Maris. This is the only school in the country that caters to children with learning differences. We worked with kids with both physical and mental handicaps and also did work in their garden. The school has an amazing garden and green house which they use as a tactile learning tool. I focused my work on painting tired which were placed in the garden, filled with soil, and used as planters. On Friday, which was our last day with the kids, we worked with the students to plant lettuce seeds. The day before we worked on classroom activities focusing on gardens and plants. for example, we did an art activity and had the students brainstorm things that humans need, and what plants need. This was to show all the similarities (food, water, space, ect) and differences (shelter, sun, soil). Next, they drew a self portrait and added drawing of all the factors of what they need. Next to it they drew a plant and drew all the factors plants need to survive. I had a lot of fun and there were a lot less students present so I got to work and get to know a few kids in comparison to double head cabbage where I got to know a ton. I’ve been pretty exhausted from the heat and dehydration, but Tryin to keep a positive attitude. Fortunately for me, today we were allowed to go next store to a pool in the afternoon. Only four of us went over but it was SO refreshing. It’s been over 85 everyday with high humidity and I’ve been waiting to swim for so long, so of course I was thrilled to head to the pool. I even think we are going longer tomorrow which makes me so stoked! I can’t wait to go to the beach on Sunday and the Mayan ruins AHH so exciting!  

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