Sunday fun day 

The last two days have been a mixture of exhaustion and excitement. I think the last week of heat, sunburns, bug bites, and physical labor have slowly wiped me out, fortunately I am able to go to bed by like 8 to ensure I sleep a lot. Saturday morning started out pretty early at 6:45 a small running group and I headed to the ocean to walk/run on a path that hugs the coastline. I love getting up early and seeing the sea, breathing the salty air, and just taking in Belize. We walked to a lighthouse and hung out on a dock for a bit too, it was beautiful! After breakfast we headed to our last work day at Stella Maris Primary. Because it was a weekend, we didn’t interact with the kids but we did work very hard in there gardens. I started my morning painting tires that were used as planters, which came out so beautiful. I also weeded one garden for about 2 hours, and got super hot and sweaty. Luckily, at around 10:30 there was a Belezian parade that was a bunch of marching bands competing. It seemed very organized and there was a large turnout. I had so much fun! Kids from Stella Maris participated and it made me so happy do hear how good their band sounded! The costumes were all so cute and new looking, and you could see the pride the kids had. After the parade our whole group worked together to move a dirt pile and flatten the ground in one of the gardens. It took a lot of time and lots of shoveling, but it was done eventually. I was so sleepy by the end! The day finished off when we moved around our painted tires and transplanted some oriental flowers into them. The finished garden looked amazing and I was so proud of all the work that we did. At around 1 we headed back to the YWCA where we stayed, and I got some lunch (grocery store run of hummed and veggies, it made me so happy). After, we had the choice to go to the pool, so me and about 6 others went and had a great afternoon tanning and playing with the local kids. I taught a few little girls, Charlie and Kristin, how to swim. They had the biggest smiles on their faces and it brought me so much happiness. I haven’t taught swim lessons in quite some time so it made me reminisce about all the fun memories I have from Turks and Caicos swim lessons. I miss abroad so much but this experience in Belize helped me solidify that I get so much out of being in another country, And there’s so many more countries left for me to experience, I can’t wait for more adventures! For dinner we all headed to a Chinese restaurant and I had loads of delicious veggies and rice, I loved it!
Sunday funday was a blast! A tour company picked us up at 8:00 and brought us to Altun Ha archeological site, home to some Mayan ruins. On our way there, our guide, George, taught us all about the flora and fauna of Belize As we passed in the car. One highlight was passing a large cactus in a tree, called the Devils gut (due to its long, gut like appearance) and apparently it was pitaya, aka dragon fruit! I have never seen that plant so I thought that was pretty cool! Altun ha was unbelievable. I have always wanted to see Mayan ruins (it’s on my

Bucket list) so it was so epic to get to see them in real life. It really was such an amazing experience. The structures were so huge and beautiful, it made my day! The next adventure on our agenda was to head to the “beach” of old Belize. It really was a man made lagoon with a giant slide and rope swim, but I’m not complaining it was super fun. There was even a giant trampoline in the middle of the lagoon. It was nice to finally have time on the sun relaxing and swimming. The water felt so good on my bug bites, so that was a huge plus.
It is not Monday morning and I don’t want to go home at all. I absolutely love being here and I really enjoy the culture as well as the disconnect I have without Internet. I feel like all my worries are left at home in Pennsylvania and I’m low key very worried about going back to school. By only missing one day of class I feel so behind. I also have so much work due in the upcoming week. I have a class tomorrow evening and I’m supposed to have peer reviewed a paper but I haven’t had internet. I have another essay for capitalism and the environment due Wednesday, which I need to work on. An exam in environmental Science on Wednesday, and a pretty substantial essay for this due next Monday. I also have an environmental economics group research paper due next Monday, and all I want to do is see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC this weekend! I am only two hours away from DC and have always wanted to see all the beautiful trees in bloom, I feel it might be my last opportunity so I’m really going to try and visit, despite all this work I have! This means I really have so so so much to do in the upcoming three days, in addition to class, working at ALLARM, working at the library, tour guiding, and more commitments I probably accidentally made. I’m not going to complain any more though because I have had an incredible ten days in Belize. If anything it showed me to put these unique experiences over school (lol sorry mom and dad, we all know I’ll still get my work done).


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