Reflections by Lynda: It’s Not Just About the Places You Visit, But the People You Meet

By Lynda Tanabe


This is no doubt one of the most adventurous things I’ve ever done. Taking off in a small car with lots of belongings , a packed cooler, maps, GPS and my youngest daughter Lyndsey celebrating her graduation from College. We have a plan of all the new places we will visit.. So excited for what lies ahead… We weren’t thinking about all the amazing people we would meet along the way.. This is only day 3 and we have met and shared time with some amazing people. This is a blog about a few of them… From driving into the Embassasy Suites we were greeted by a bell captain/ valet named Kitch. He immediately took our belongings and patiently waited for us to check in. Upon hearing that our room wasn’t ready he was ready to lock them up for us..but instead of doing that he realized we needed some things in our bags and decided to take us to a huge empty lounge so we could go through our bags and make our lunch from our cooler.. He took time to chat with us and learn our story of why we were traveling and off he went to share it with Troy.. The supervisor of the front desk.. They were so excited to return and tell us they had a room ready and if we didn’t mind it had a view of both waterfalls instead of only one… I think they were more excited than we were to upgrade us…Kitch took us under his wing and treated us like family.. Explaining all the places we should visit during our short stay in Niagara.. Not rushing to get to the next client he pointed out all the sites for us to visit. We gave him a big hug and said goodbye.. Meeting this gentleman for this short period not only made us feel welcome but also we felt like we were not alone… It’s amazing the connection you feel with some people you meet for only a short period.. I love these fleeting interactions.. Life is full of them. Another fleeting interaction..the border control officer Alex- entering back into the US from Canada. Lyndsey and I discussed the answers to the probable questions they would ask. Where are you going… That would be an easy question, the confusing question was where do you live.. Hmm our passport says Maine, should we say Maine or should we explain I moved to Hawaii and Lyndsey is moving there. We weren’t sure… There was a long line of cars behind us, the quickest answer would be best – whatever that would be… Well Alex asked us all the expected questions.. Then asked us why we moved to Maine and why we were returning to Hawaii, more on a personal reason than a professional one..He stared at us and said ” I get it”. Slightly confused Lyndsey and I looked at each other .. He went on to say he lived in Arizona and recently moved to Michigan to be with family and for his two kids to attend schools in Michigan… He was actually interested in our story and surely wasn’t concerned about the long line of cars behind us… This fleeting meeting with him made me realize how many times we rush through things, only thinking how fast we are getting through them… Not taking the time to actually interact with others.. Having this opportunity to travel, meet people and take time and enjoy life is a true gift.. I will take this time to meet interesting people from all over the world.. Sharing stories with others is what life’s about…all people have stories to tell.. I will be listening!!


  1. I think to many times we do not take time to listen. Not only to other people but to what is around us. The wind the animal’s the land its self. This is such a wonderful opportunity for the 2 of you . Continue to travel safe and enjoy every moment.


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