Day 1 of Yellowstone

The first day we got to Yellowstone we stopped by some hot springs and saw the Dragons Mouth Cauldron, mud volcano, and other interesting sulfur deposits. It was so cool to see the steam shoot into the air and see the bubbling and oozing of hot mud and water. After setting up camp and eating dinner we headed north to look at wildlife. There’s hundreds of buffalo roadside peacefully grazing and rolling in the mud. Elk stood serenely next to riverbends with massive antlers. We visited the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and did several short hikes to view Upper and Lower falls from different angles. the canyon was a large array of different colors due to mineral deposits. The sky was an unreal vivid shade of blue, striking against the lush green forest and colorful rock formations. Words can’t even begin to describe the magnitude of the canyon, definitely a humbling place.

As the sun began to set, the golden days of light struck the trees casting long shadows and made of a beautiful drive. We went up a 10,000 ft mountain where snow still sat roadside, up to about 3 feet tall! The highlight of the first day was our experience with a black bear. Just before dusk, my mom spotted a moving animal right next to the road. I put on our hazard lights and the animals came into view. A black bear, less than 10 feet away. I got so excited and shakily put the telephoto lens on my camera to snap some photographs. The bear looked directly at us, knowing we meant no harm, and he walked right in front of my car. It was amazing and reminded me of game drives in Tanzania. These rare and massive animals passing feet away from of. It was so cool!!! Mom and I both couldn’t shake our wide grins off our faces for quite some time.


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