A whirlwind of adventures: Arches, Canyonland, Bryce, and Zion

As much as I want to go to bed right now I know that I need to fill you guys in on our latest adventures.  Since I last posted, we have visited Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, and Zion National Park.  All of these parks are so unique, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and amazing.  Not to mention during our drive from the Grand Tetons to Moab, Utah, we had an amazing pitstop at a hot springs caldera.  The drive was very long, around 9 hours, so we headed to Midway, Utah as a rest stop. In Midway is an incredible location where you can soak/swim and even scuba dive in a 100ft deep caldera, that is 90 degrees year round. I saw this on travel channel when I was little, and have since been wanting to experience it. We were able to secure a reservation and soak our stresses away. It was so amazing!

Mom floating and enjoying the mineral rich hot springs

After a long, windy, but extremely scenic drive to Moab, we eventually arrived at our campsite and set up tent. After a long days drive, we headed to the grocery store and had a picnic before heading to bed.  Temperatures in Moab when we were visiting got as high as 106 degrees, so to beat the heat we woke up early to do some hiking before the sun got too high in the sky.  We got to Arches National Park by 7:00, and went straight to the windows section of the park and hiked to several of the park’s most famous arches and features.

After our hikes, we toured the rest of the parked then headed back to get some food, and stumbled upon a cafe serving my favorite food, an acai bowl! After our yummy snack, we headed back to the campsite where it was over 100 degrees.  We decided to check to see if a cabin (equipped with AC) was available, and low and behold there was one! We quicly moved our things in and took a much needed nap/rest.  When we woke up, we headed to Canyonlands National Park, just 40 minutes or so away.  I am so happy we made this decision, as the park was incredible.  With steep canyons and vivid colors, I had fun taking 100000 pictures.

The next morning we packed up our cabin and headed to Bryce Canyon National Park, about 4 hours away.  We checked into our little motel and went straight to the park.  We were initially a little unimpressed with the views, but once we found what we were looking for we were absolutely speechless. If you are ever at Bryce Canyon I highly recommend parking at Sunset Point and walking down the cabin and doing the Navajo trail.  The towering hoodoos and tall trees make you feel so little, it is truly humbling.  Again, I will let photos help tell the story, because words can’t even begin to explain the magnitude of this park.

We had dinner at the Canyon Lodge, which was so delish.  We shared stuffed mushrooms, a salad, and quinoa. It is safe to say I slept like a baby after that steep incline.  In the morning, we again packed up all of our belongings into my little car and drove an hour to our cabin outside of Zion National Park.  After lunch, gas, and unpacking, we headed to Zion and made it to the visitors center by about 2 PM.  The drive from the cabin was amazing, it was way above and beyond my wildest dreams.  The mountains/cliffs were shockingly tall.  There was even a mile long one way tunnel through the mountain. It was beautiful.  We decided to hike the famous trail called the Narrows.  With waterproof shoes and walking sticks we trudged along the Virgin River where canyons rose up to 2000 ft above us.  It was the most unique hike I have ever been on, and I have been some pretty cool places.  Every turn revealed new and incredible views.  I had so much fun, and was so happy that we made the decision to do this hike.  The hike took around 3 hours, and afterwards we went to a brewery for dinner.  Now we are back in the cabin reviewing photos and planning out tomorrow.  I think we are going to do different trails, as I want to do the Angel Landing trail, which most definitely isnt for anyone scared of heights. The narrow trail drops 1200′ on one side and 800′ on the other. Can’t wait for more adventures to come!


  1. I’ve always wanted to do the Narrows! It looks fantastic. 🙂 Sounds like you had a wonderful time exploring and taking in the beauty of the southwest.


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