A day spent under the sea

My first full day in the Philippines were spent diving out of our resort in Moalboal. My sister, Kylie and I signed up for a morning dive to a world renowned site called Pescador Island, a tiny rock island off the coast. We took an adorable little boat out after breakfast, and did two dives so we could go around the whole island. The diving was unlike anything I have ever experienced. There are no words to describe it, maybe “teaming with life”. I was overwhelmed with the diversity and there was soo much to look at. Each little coral had many little animals on it, like fish, crabs, nudibranchs, worms. The colors were vivid and the soft corals were gently swaying with the ocean currents. I really felt like I was in a National Geographic film. It is unbelievable to me that places like this exist in the world. It feels like another planet when you are down there seeing these new creatures for the first time. I had never really seen sea anemones, pipe fish, coral snakes, and I probably saw 1000s of species of fish. I will try to post some photos because that is the only way I could do it justice. During our service interval (time at the surface between dives to decompress) Kylie and I put on our weight-belts and did a little freediving in the shallow coral. The sunrays penetrating the water casting delicate rays of light which illuminated the coral reef ecosystem and made for unbelievable visibility. It was incredible! It makes me wish I could be an actual mermaid and just live underwater playing and observing these sea creatures! By the time returned back to the resort, Erin had finished her discover scuba dive (her first one ever! She loved it), so we headed upstairs and joined each other for lunch. I signed up for another dive to Panagsama beach which is known for its massive bait balls of sardines. It may not sound cool- but it was an experience that was honestly life changing-it made me feel so small and just reminded me how amazing life is! Kylie and Erin were able to snorkel from the surface, so I had a private little dive with my guide. We were under water for soo long, which was amazing because I love to be underwater but unfortunate because apparently we got lost. It was unlike any other feeling to be surrounded by millions and millions of fish, so dense that they blocked out the sun when I was surrounded. There were schools of tuna and barracuda feeding on the sardines, darting in and out, causing the school of fish to separate and dance to avoid the predators. There were times that I was completely surrounded by this mass of fish, in every direction. It was quite an amazing experience. After this we returned to the resort to shower and attempt to remove my massive tangles form my hair. Our next adventure was riding a little tuktuk (motorcycle with attached side car to fit passengers). We headed to Panagsama Beach area where it is pretty touristy and there are many little souvenir shops and restaurants. We ate at the Chili Bar, which had super low service but it was right on the water and super cute. After around 1.5 hours there we decided to get a massage. It was amazing but cut short because our tuktuk driver arrived a bit early. By the time we got home it was around 9:30 and I was super exhausted and went right to sleep.





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