Day four: dive, explore, eat, sleep, repeat

I am going to try to be brief about the rest of my Big Island adventure, but truthfully I was there for like 10 days and I am only on day four so this is going to be difficult.  I just got back from Kauai last week and I am headed to Molokai tomorrow, so I have so much to write about so I need to do this post as soon as possible!

Day four on the Big Island consisted on me going scuba diving with Kona Honu Divers once again.  I loved both the dives I did, as the water was crystal clear and the topography is amazing.  We did some lava tubes and caves!  No exciting sharks but that’s perfectly fine with me, just being under the sea makes everything so much better.  I feel so calm and at home down there

For any divers looking for Big island recommendations, here are the dive sites I did on this day.

After my dives, I headed to two-steps, also known as Honaunau.  This is a must see for any snorkelers visiting Kona.  Check out this site for more info. The entry is easy, the water is clear, and there is a lot of coral.  Yes, a lot of this coral is (sadly) bleached, but it is still a beautiful fish abundant spot.  On my way here I stopped at a cool looking swimming pool that is right next to the ocean in Kona, and I also stopped at a lookout for Kealakekua Bay (known for its spinner dolphins and great snorkeling).  The weather wasn’t amazing, and it started drizzling so I returned to my hostel and took my first (and in my opinion well-deserved) nap of the trip.

Lookout to Kealakekua Bay

After my little rest I headed to Kona Brewing Co for dinner.  I brought the Ipad (shoutout to my mom, thanks for letting me borrow it!)  and they had wifi so I could plan my next day’s adventures.  I also treated myself to a beer and a delish strawberry macnut salad.  I love this restaurant!! I stayed for a bit and then drove to my original campground to watch the sunset. It was another beautiful Kona sunset.  I was in bed by about 8:00 and passed out, ready for another full day adventure!



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  1. I love reading about all your travel and your love for the environment. I also like it when you decide to only walk in for a 15 minuets where you are alone. Continue to enjoy life and doing it smart and safe.


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