The Beautiful Na Pali Coast

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Day two of Kauai started bright and early just before sunrise at our Poipu condo.  I decided to pack up my bags just in case we went to the airport straight from adventuring.  We had to be at the boat harbor by 7 AM, so we grabbed some coffee (and a delish fruit smoothie) on our way.  We went with Kauai Sea Tours,  a company we had been with a few years before.  We really like this company because the small raft is a lot smaller and can go into the sea caves!  I think there were around 12 people on our boat, as well as our captain and tour guide.

Not to long after the day started we came across a pod of dolphins who played in our wake.  I feel so spoiled to get to see so many dolphins, but every time I enjoy watching their freedom and happiness.  Dolphins are one of my favorite animals, I could observe them forever, they are so social and graceful in the water.


Mama with some spinner dolphins chillin in the background

The boat ride to Na Pali Coast is apparently around 30 miles, but getting out there wasn’t too bad.  There weren’t any crazy winds or waves so it was a pretty easy boat ride.  If you ever want to experience the Na Pali coast I suggest you visit Kauai in the summer when the waves aren’t massive.  I heard in the winter they sometimes can’t even ride the boat to the coast, and if they do they usually can’t explore the sea caves.  But even if the sea caves aren’t accessible it is still so much fun just seeing the seacliffs.  Fun fact: the Na Pali Coast has the third tallest sea cliffs in the world! (Maybe second?) I’m not 100% sure but they are very very tall (4,000 ft), and the erosion has made for some incredibly beautiful views.

The boat captain and tourguide were extremely knowledgeable and we learned a lot about the ancient Hawaiian usage of this area, and they took us pretty far back into some sea caves and went under and right next to some incredible waterfalls.  Check out these photos!

Going under and next to some waterfalls!


For a lunch break we hooked up to a buoy and snorkeled in refreshing crystal clear waters.  People on our boat saw a monk seal and white tipped reef shark! But having the opportunity to eat lunch to these views makes the whole journey to get there worth it. It was amazing!!!

lunch views!

The ride back wasn’t quite as easy.  The wind and waves picked up making for quite the adventure.  Of course I was on the seat of the boat where I was blasted with water literally the entire ride back.  I didn’t really care except I couldn’t really open my eyes because it was like having a hose sprayed in my face for a very long time, hence why I called it an “adventure”.

After the boat ride MJ picked us up from the boat harbor and we continued West with the goal to end up at Waimea Canyon.  I fell asleep on the drive up, but I believe it was around 45 minutes to the lookout, up a windy roads with lots of switchbacks.  Oh also important to note that my phone died after the boat ride, maybe it got wet I am not quite sure, but I was sad about it.  Anyways all these photos are from my mother phone so shout out to Lynda for sending me these pics- I appreciate it!

Anyways, Waimea Canyon is the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” but in my personal opinion, it is prettier than the Grand Canyon.  It is more lush, less crowded, an even has a waterfall!



Our last stop was to the Kalalau lookout, we went to two, and they were both gorgeous, here is what the lookout view is. We are lucky enough that the clouds weren’t obstructing the view.  This wart of the island is very, very wet.  Waileale is the second wettest spot in the world, with 450 inches of rainfall a year.  Hence how lush and beautiful this area is!



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