Molokai Mo Betta

Aloha everyone!

I am finally almost up to date on my blog, how exciting!  It is insane thinking about how crazy busy I have been this past month.  Not to mention I am also moving in a few weeks and have about 1,000 things to do to get ready for grad school.  Oh well, adventuring and seeing a few more parts oh Hawaii is super important to me, and I definitely don’t regret doing all of this island hopping. Watch my Molokai/Kauai youtube video by clicking here.

I have known I wanted to go to Molokai for quite a while, so I talked to my parents and planned to go to celebrate my 23rd birthday.  I went less than a week after my Kauai adventure, so it wasn’t necessarily planned out, but we knew we wanted to go check out Halawa Valley and Kalaupapa.  The night before we left I was a low-key wreck.  After a long and tiring day of work I still had to unpack from Kauai, do laundry, pack for Molokai, drop of Duke at Laura (who dog sat Dukey)  and so on and so on.  When I got back from dropping Dukey off, I was stuck in really bad traffic, it took be over an hour to drive home from Honolulu.  There was construction going on closing 3 lanes of traffic, a plane crash nearby, and even a flare fire in the distance distracting the drivers.  It was a disaster and I was tired.  I came come and went to my room, shut the door, and started to pack.  This is when my sister, Kylie, stormed into my room.  I was very confused because just moments before she texted me, “Happy birthday!  It is officially your bday in LA” and I 100% had no idea she was coming to visit.  It was soo nice to see her, especially because I wasn’t sure I would be able to say goodbye before I left for Saudi.

Anyways, the next morning, my birthday (!) and we headed to the airport.  We flew Mokulele Airlines which was super fun I highly recommend. The flight is only 30 minutes and I think $50 each way.  The airplane was super tiny, I was sitting right behind the pilot, and there were maybe 12 seas total in the plane.  The windows of the plane were also a bit bigger than normal planes so we got an epic view.  We went right over diamond head so I got to look down into the crater which is something I have never seen before!


After we landed in this teeny tiny airport in Molokai, we headed to the long term parking lot where our condo rental owners left their “island car” for us.  It really was an island car, and was even a convertible.  It was pretty tiny, so my dad, Keith drove, mom took the passenger seat,  and Kylie and I crammed into the back with all the luggage.  It was quite a sight.  We had a hiking tour scheduled at noon, so we had time to stop for a trip to the grocery store and then dropped everything off at the condo.  We bought the groceries in “town” called Kaunakakai.  It is a super cute area with a few little market/grocery stores and places to eat.  I really loved how quiet and low key the island was.  The prices of food wasn’t anything ridiculous, but the cost of gas was super high, almost $5/gallon!

The condo that we rented from VRBO was amazing.  It was located in a little condo area called Wave Crest. We loved the location of this so I highly suggest you stayed where we stayed.  We also had an incredible ocean front with an epic  view of Maui, Lanai, and even Kahoolawe! The condo also had a kitchen (obvs), pool, and BBQ!

Sunset at the pool at Wave Crest

The drive to Halawa was very beautiful, on a one-lane curvy road.  It was pretty far, but scenic.  If you have a tour to hike to the waterfall, leave early so you aren’t rushing!  I am pretty sure there are two tour options to see this waterfall, a cultural tour or a farm tour.  We did the farm tour because they let us start a bit later because we were coming straight from the airport. On the tour was our family and one other man.  It was nice to have such a small group.  The hike was beautiful, I normally don’t like to pay for hikes, but because this is on private property it is required, and totally worth it!  Here are some photos of the amazing falls!

Please note our matching shirts and sunglasses for my birthday, how amazing!

Included in this hike was a tour of this family’s farm, they even made us multiple smoothies with their fresh fruits!  Delicious papaya, bananas, guava, ect.  they were super refreshing after that hike! We also walked around their farm admiring their gorgeous flowers, and they even cut us a few bouquets to admire in the condo!

After our hike we stopped by Halawa beach to soak in the views.  Not often can you check out cliffs diving into the ocean, with a lush valley and waterfall behind you.  It is pretty spectacular.

We were all pretty tired at this point, so we decided to head out of the valley and towards the condo, stopping for a few beach walks along the way. By the time we returned to the condo I was super exhausted.  We got to see the sunset cast gorgeous pink and purple hues on the cotton candy clouds over the sea.  I fell asleep soon after the sun set.


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