Yanbu Liveaboard



As promised,  I want to share my incredible scuba diving experience with all of you guys.  The only way to describe the amazingness would be from video and photos because it is hard to put into words what the underwater world is like here in the Red Sea.  It is unlike anything I have ever seen. Seriously sooo many fish and the coral looked so beautiful and healthy.  The soft coral swayed in the currents and ahh it was so nice.  I am SO glad that I splurged on a nice camera before I came here, I absolutely love taking photos and looking for creatures on the reef.  Definitely check out my youtube video, and pay attention to the lyrics of the song because it absolutely is the theme song to my life right now.  I jam to this song like 20 times a day, so I hope that you like it too (it is called My Own Way by Axero ft Sander).

I was on the edge about signing up for this trip, because I had an upcoming exam and thought maybe I should save money for traveling.  But for me personally the main reason I save money is to book flights and to go scuba diving, so this ended up being SO worth it.  For those of you who don’t know, a liveaboard is when you sleep on a boat and basically you dive, eat, nap, dive, repeat.  It is pretty much heaven. I left campus at 6 PM after class on a Thursday (as I mentioned Thursday’s here are technically “fridays”).  A diver from Jeddah drove me and two other KAUST girls (also marine science students)  it took about three hours to get to Yanbu.  We arrived, and met all of the other divers, and had some yummy food.  Fortunately for me, there were like four other vegetarians so they made us some yummy meat free food all weekend.

Friday morning we woke up at 6 AM and passed by coast guard, just like we have to do at Kaust.  We gave them our dive cards and iqama (Saudi resident ID) and then we were on our way.  All of the dive sites were along a stretch of beautiful coral reefs called the “Seven Sisters”.  Our first dive site was a shipwreck. Apparently some people saw hammerheads but we didn’t unfortunately, maybe next time!  We did four total dives on Friday, one of which was a night dive.  It was soo amazing. At Kaust there aren’t any night dives so you have to go outside of campus.  It was my first ever night dive ever in the Red Sea and it was incredible!!! The entire ecosystem shifts at night, and new creatures come out its super cool.  My favorite was a giant basket star that comes out, unfurls its arms and legs, and feeds.  It is so so so cool to see, because you never see these guys during the day.

On Saturday we did out first dive at like 6:15 AM, and it was awesome.  The visibility on all of these dives was perfect.  It really makes you feel like you are not on this planet anymore.  When the visibility is limitless and you can’t see in the particles floating around it honestly doesn’t even feel like I am underwater.  And all of the fish and corals really make me feel like I am exploring some far off planet.  I just love the ocean so much,  and I am so lucky to have all of these opportunities to explore out beautiful sea.

Here are the lyrics to one of the songs from the youtube vid:

Waiting on a train in a station, one way ticket. Got no control, or regrets I’m right here right now, I live in the moment. My destination is unknown. Forget about the past I got no time for that. This life is going so fast Just want to laugh. I left you what you want. No dreams are big enough. Just see that you and your life are so much more. And see that life is so much more. I’m feeling good now I’m on my way for something better. So many thoughts in my head. No matter where I go you will find me smiling. We got one life so make a choice. I’m living here and now Seeing things I’ve never seen. Don’t take life for granted, live wild and free. I’m dancing every day, memories will be made. I’ve done what I wanted, I did it my own way Did my own way Did my own way


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