Day 1 in Cape Town: table mountain, biking sea pointe, and a pirate ship cruise

We touched down in Cape Town at about 8 AM, and headed to our hostel, known as Carnival Court. I choose this location for two reasons. The first of which was because it was the cheapest single room I could find in the central Cape Town area, and secondly because of its location on Long Street. This road has tons of restaurants and shops, and most importantly has a City Sightseeing tourbus stop. After tons of internet research and keeping a limited time and budget it mind, I ended up purchasing the premium IVenture pass. This includes TONS of Cape Towns most popular attractions as well as a guided hop on hop off bus that goes all throughout Cape Town. In addition it included full day tours to the Cape of a Good Hope as well as a day of wine tasting. Most importantly for us, was the inclusion of one “premium attraction”. Which for us we knew we wanted to go great white shark cage diving. (This is $200+ on its own, and the whole 5-day all access pass we got was around that same amount).

Anyways, we dropped our bags off at the hostel, talked to one of the employees about things to do in Cape Town and he offered us a map and list of his favorite restaurants, then we headed off to the Hop on Hop off bus stop, less then a 10 minute walk from our stay. This is an incredible bus and I definitely recommend it if you’re in the area. It comes with headphones that you plug into the bus and as you drive around the route there is narration the whole way pointing out historical landmarks and facts about the area. The bus is double decker with an open top, so the views are absolutely stunning.

I had read online that Table Mountain is the most iconic landmark in Cape Town, but it is often covered in clouds (called the tablecloth, by locals). Therefore, whenever it is cloud-free, you should jump on this chance and make it to the top of the mountain. Fortunately for us our pass included a round trip ride up the cable way to the top of the mountain. There was a pretty long wait but it was definitely worth it. The cable car rotates on its way up and down, so you get a full view of the scenery. On the top of the mountain is an extensive hiking trail system. We hiked around maybe 5 miles, enjoying the views that each side of the mountain offered. From the top we could see the sea and Robben island, where Nelson Mandela was kept prisoner during the apartheid. We could also see the city, Lions Head, and amazing views of the mountains. It was beautiful!!!!

We spent maybe three total hours at Table Mountain, then hopped back on the City Sightseeing bus, popped in our earphones, and enjoyed the stunning views on our way to Sea Pointe. Here, our hostel guy recommended we rented bikes and ride to the V&A harbor. But first was a visit to the Mojo Marketplace for lunch/snacks.

Boy was I impressed by the food options here. They head açaí bowls, ramen, vegan restaurants, poke bowls, Mexican, literally all my favorite food under one roof. Because I have a massive sweet tooth I ended up getting a vegan mango gelato. Which was super good! We continued on and rented bikes for two hours so we could enjoy the seaside boardwalk area. We cruised and enjoyed the views on our way to the V&A harbor, a central area in Cape Town with lots to do.

After returning the bike we will had some time before our scheduled sunset boat so we used our Iventure pass to ride on the giant cape Ferris wheel which offered some incredible views of Cape Town and Table Mountain. We also had time to check out one of the markets there that sold really nice local handcrafted products and had performers and drummers. When it was about 5:30 we headed to the boat area where we used our iVenture voucher to go on a pirate cruise sunset party boat. Because it was Saturday it was a popular place to be with lots of fun and drinks. The workers were very entertainment and after about for free drinks I was pretty tipsy and had a blast singing and watching a gorgeous sunset.

After the three hour cruise we headed to the V&A food market where I got veggie sushi and David got a local South African dish. Then it was time to head home for a goods night sleep before another busy day of adventures! It’s important to note that our hostel is right on top of a bar and because it was Saturday the entire street was partying until like 6 am. Fortunately I was exhausted (and ear plugs helped) so I slept quite well!

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  1. Such a amazing adventure the pictures are so wonderful. For such a young person you have seen and done so much in this wonderful beauitful world of ours.May you always be blessed with such great wonders to see and do.Your work is so important to our future to be able to see and enjoy the environment around us.Thank you Lyndsey for what you do.


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