Cape Point: Penguins and hiking to Cape of Good Hope

Hello everyone!

I am back in Saudi Arabia and before my coursework gets absolutely insane I wanted to finish up my blogging so I can look back and remember everything I did.  Day three in Cape Town started with breakfast at a cute bakery called Knead, recommended by a worker in the hostel.  We both got museli and fruit, then headed off to our bus stop on Long Street.  We had a bus tour called the “Cape Peninsula Tour” with City Sightseeing.  Again, this was another free tour with our IVenture pass, and includes a trip to the Cape of Good Hope where you can hike along the coast, and then visit the penguins at Boulder Beach.  I was super excited that this tour was offered because I didn’t want to rent a car and a taxi or uber there would be way too long (it was like a 1.5 hour drive from Cape Town, and there is no public transportation that comes here).  So we hopped on the bus, got a seat on the top where the views are better, and secured a seat. When you do one of City Sightseeing’s all-day tours, you are in a covered bus rather than one without a top roof.  Honestly this is nice because the drive is pretty far and everyone would have a sunburn if it was topless.

During our drive to Cape Point, there was a tour guide who narrated the whole time. For me this is super useful because I like getting a history lesson of there I am, as well as better getting to know where I am at all times. The entire drive was scenic.  From small coastal towns, to beautiful mountains, to famous surf beaches.  Apparently some of the beaches we passed were significantly warmer than where we swam in Camps Bay, due to differences in currents and upwelling.  After driving around the Cape Peninsula, we stopped at the end which was about 60 km from Cape Point.  The view is quite jaw-dropping with rugged rocks and sheer cliffs.  If you enjoy nature, I highly recommend this spot for a short hike or just to enjoy the views.

There are two lighthouses, and there is a trail to the top one.  But please beware of the baboons!  You have been warned, DO NOT have food out.  As David munched on a granola bar next to a sign that read “baboons are dangerous and attracted by food” I warned him how scary they are.  But nope he didn’t listen to me, and guess what happened? Yup seconds after this photo was taken a massive baboon came sprinting full speed at us and I ran off the path screaming and David ended up throwing the granola bar to avoid being eaten by this large primate.  Of course I got scolded and he said that me running away is what caused the baboon from being upset.  In reality he was just upset that he had his food stolen from him.David wants to specify that he thought that he was safe because he was near the parking lot.  (But we saw a baboon there too so that isn’t very justified).

Okay so any of you guys that read about my “adventure” in the monkey forest in Ubud, Bali, knows about my fear of monkeys (I got bit here).   Just to preface, I am not scared of much, but aggressive animals scare the shit out of me.  No, not sharks or snakes or bears, but monkeys are terrifying.  So as soon as I saw the warning signs about baboons in the parking lot I made sure everything was away securely in my backpack.  No food in sight.  Even hid my Go Pro which has a bright yellow holder that somewhat resembles a banana.  Ok, maybe I am a bit paranoid but better be safe than sorry right?  Anyways, we kept seeing baboons and many times they were right on the walking path and they were hard to avoid.  One big one even was holding on to some person’s nice water bottle.  And while we were a the top of the trail we heard some woman scream and I looked over to see a baboon literally stole her purse and was running away, gripping the purse as her phone and wallet flew all over the place.  A worker ended up running over with a PCV pipe threatening to hit the baboon which eventually dropped the purse and ran away.  So despite the amazing views, I was pretty nervous that a baboon was going to eat me.

Moving on, the views were amazing and you could see the amazing blue and clear water below with the ragged rocks dropping down. One of the coolest things are seeing where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet each other.  I will try to post some photos so you can see for yourself.

After this lighthouse hike we met up with our tour group for a hike down to the Cape of Good Hope.  I loved that we were on the tour because the bus drove down to where we hiked so we only had to walk one way instead of two!  The hike itself was amazing.  The views were incredible, and there was a boardwalk along the steep cliffs that offered non-stop incredible views.  In addition, there was wildlife along the way.  Besides baboons, we saw some ostriches and kudu!  How cool is that!!  The hike down to Cape of Good Hope was about 45 minutes.  We took a photo next to the famous sign at the end.  This turned into more of a battle that one would think, damn aggressive tourists.  I am pretty sure some people would fight for a good insta pic.

Ostrich if you squint and look carefully

Antelope in the distance

After loading back into the bus, we went to our next stop, Boulders Beach.  This is a famous penguin nesting colony. African penguins are an endangered species and I had never seen penguins in the wild before so this was high on my list of things I wanted to do.  It was super cool, I highly recommend it.  I know there are other free beaches you can go and see them but if you are short on time this is an easy place to check out and enjoy the views.  There is a small admission fee at this colony, but you can easily go to the beach next store where there were some penguins swimming around and hanging out, but there were not nearly as many.

After the tour was over we showered, cleaned up, and went out for a nice meal.  We wanted to go to a good, authentic African meal.  And with our Iventures pass we got free wine and appetizer at Mama Africa, so we decided to eat here.  David got a big meat platter with game such as ostrich, kudu, crocodile, etc. As a side note: I still am confused how a people go to a country to see the beautiful and awesome animals in the wild, but still want to eat them (???) But whatever I am not here on the Earth to judge, just letting my thoughts out.  Being an animal lover and an animal eater will forever boggle my mind.  Not judging you if you eat meat just making you think about it and really understand you are eating an animal that was once alive with a family.  LOL ok seriously not judging sorry for that aside.

I got spinach stuffed African pancakes, which were yummy.  Also had yummy veggie samosas as an appetizer which were delicious.  By the end of the evening I was exhausted and full.  Ended up going to bed around 9 to get ready for yet another early morning of shark diving!!!  TO be continued…

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  1. Just amazing pictures and the land scape is outstanding.Like a man to eat a bar where it tells you to keep your food hidden. I have never seen penquins in the wild eaither. Such a fantastic tour you found.It shows you sure do your homework for your trips.It is well worth the time you put in to it.Thanks Lyndsey.


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