The next morning started off with a 5 am wake-up call to have our Santorini villa owner drive us to the ferry terminal.  I woke up with an email from our next villa owner saying that his previous guests damaging the plumbing and would have to cancel our stay.  I briefly panicked until I continued reading and found out that he would pick us up from the terminal and bring us to another villa that he ha arranged, which was super kind of him.  So I told him our ferry arrival time and we were on our way.  The ferry was a cheaper boat than our previous trip, but I had no major complaints.  I slept for the beginning portion and then enjoyed the views for the rest of the way.  We got to Milos after about 6 hours, an got to stop at many beautiful islands on the way.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we arrived to Milos we were picked up by Alexandros, the manager of the cancelled apartment.  He was so kind and helpful, and brought us to another hotel called Hotel Ippocampus.  We were the first guests to ever stay in our room, so it was clean and beautiful.  The owner came into our room and showed us a map and his recommendations for restaurants, where to watch sunsets, and the best beaches.  He told us about the (slightly inconsistent) public bus, and then we packed our belongings and started off our adventures!  It was already about 2 PM before we were able to start our day, but of course with me traveling that is plenty of time!  We left our house, and literally 30 seconds later the skies turned grey and it downpoured.  We sprinted to the main road where we found cover to wait out the storm. Fortunately for us, it passed after 15 minutes and we were able to make it to the bus station.  We drove about 15 minutes to the North to the village of Tripiti.  Our first mission was to check out the Catacombs of Milos, which were a small walk from the bus station.  The best part of Milos was that it was super quiet and not a lot of people were around so we could enjoy the nature and serenity of the island.  We walked past a typical Greek church, down some windy roads leading to the sea, and eventually to a sign pointing to the entrance.  We took the steps down and paid the entrance fee (maybe 2 Euro) and then waited for our tour guide to gather the group.  It was a pretty brief tour, but honestly I don’t like long tours so I was completely content with the length.  It was the first catacombs I had ever visited and it was super cool to see this giant cave with so many different tombs in it.  It must have taken forever for people to carve them! Some tombs were so massive they were said to have been of people with a higher status, and some were even for entire families.  IMG_9705IMG_9721IMG_9727IMG_9738

After the cave tour, we took a little hiking detour down a small mountain to a small fishing village known as Klima.  I had seen this on a Google search in the past, but din’t have high expectations, but it was definitely a spot I would recommend everyone to check out.  There are cute and colorful fishing homes just steps away from the sea.  It is extremely scenic and a perfect spot for a picnic as you enjoy the scenery.  There is even a restaurant down in Klima (we didn’t eat there, but it looked good!) I took about a million photos before I had enough of these epic views.  IMG_9753IMG_9762IMG_9785IMG_9820IMG_9869IMG_9871I used my Maps.Me app (highly recommend) to plan where we would head next, we found that there is an ancient theater on top of a hill near the catacombs, so instead of taking the less-scenic road to the top, we did another little hike to find some ruins.  It was an awesome little theater that was well preserved. IMG_9878IMG_9881 And one of the coolest surprises to me was finding out that this was the site of the discover of Venus of Milos aka Venus de Milo, a very famous sculpture that is now found at the Louvre in Paris.

The next thing we did was wander the streets of Tripiti.  Everything was empty with no one in sights, which made taking photos ideal.  I loved the look of the buildings so I took tons of photos of the village.  Here are a few!IMG_9893IMG_9894IMG_9904IMG_9905IMG_9906OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The last destination of the day was to a nearby town called Plaka.  Fortunately, there a bit more going on here with stores and restaurants open.  We walked because these towns are right next to each other, and I went on a mission for gelato.  We sat down at a cute little cafe, where I found my beloved Fererro Rocher gelato, and David got a coffee frappe.

We sat here for a while, enjoying the scenery and resting from the hike/walk.  Plaka was the destination where our hotel manager said had the best sunset, so we wanted to see that.  We did a little window shopping, I said “wow I love these blue windows” about 100 times, and then we sat down for dinner.  This was one of my favorite meals with grilled halloumi and a huge platter of roasted veggies.  I got internet and even got to facetime my mom which was awesome!

After dinner we headed to a church to enjoy the sunset view, and watched it set. I wouldn’t say it was an epic sunset, but it was beautiful.  After the sun set, we decided to go to the very top of a nearby hill to enjoy the last few minutes of light.  It was a beautiful little walk!  IMG_9944IMG_9962IMG_9967IMG_9935


  1. Just amazing pictures and sounds like a fabulous day great meals.You sure live a interresting life.You need to write a travel book.You know all the good places to go and not spend a lot.Enjoy the rest of your time there.


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