Cairo Museum

Day three in Cairo started with the buffet breakfast at the hotel, followed by a morning at the museum. Right now, a new museum is being constructed near the pyramids, and I will definitely need to return to Egypt again to check it out. The current museum is still a must-see nonetheless. Of course we had a driver and guide so everything was easy. And the museum was so huge that having Maha to bring us around and talk about the highlights was a huge plus. Otherwise I’d be wandering for hours not knowing what each antique was. For me, my favorite part of the medium was the King Tut exhibit where we could see all of the treasures and belongings found in his tomb. It was soooo cool! I am absolutely amazing by the detail and the carvings In each and every piece. For example, the gold mask that covered his head in the tomb was 14 pounds pure gold with tons of beautiful gem stones and carvings that are absolutely pristine. 

Another cool exhibit was seeing the mummified animals. There was a giant crocodile, huge river perch, goats, tons of cats and dogs, etc. it’s crazy to me that these mummy’s are still intact. There was even a monkey that had flesh and hair and looked like it was recently discarded. 

By the way, for those who don’t know, the ancient Egyptians believed in mummifying bodies because they thought their souls could be eternal (based off if they were a good person in their life). A fun fact was that judging if a person was good was how they treat others, as well as how they treat the environment. In order to mummify a body, some organisms were removed (guts, brain, etc.) then, the body was treated with a mixture of salts which removed moisture and preserved the bodies. 

It was cool seeing artifact collected all over egypt because many of them were places we would visit during our trip. Just gonna day it one more time, but these artifacts were sooo detailed and perfect, and many made of one giant block of stone, so one little mistake and they’d have to restart. I also don’t understand how these huge monuments were transferred across the country or even were able to float on boats cause they’re so heavy. So yes I was highly intrigued by this museum. Even the jewelry was so detailed and beautiful and looked like a piece worn by people today. I don’t get how they did that so many years ago but they did and it’s awesome.



After the museum we made a quick stop at a local jeweler where my mom ordered a cartouche with her name on it. When my sister visited Egypt a few months ago she made one for me and I love it! The people working there were so kind and they literally made the necklace as we watched. He even polished the jewelry we were wearing. Next, we walked a few buildings over for a buffet dinner. It was me, my mom, dad, and Maha our guide. She is so so nice and friendly and if any of you ever visit Egypt let me know and I can give you her contact details. She’s not only super knowledgeable but she has a great personality. Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier, but all Egyptian tour guides need to go to college for four years and study Egyptian history, so I’m sure all the guides know a lot. Anyways, the lunch buffet ended up being surprisingly vegetarian friendly so I  stuffed my face before heading to the Mohamed Ali Mosque (also known as the citadel). I’ve been to several mosques, but I’ve never had a Tour guide so my family and I loved learning about Muslim beliefs and traditions. It’s crazy how many similarities there are with Christianity. So many of the stories and people are the same. I know my parents loved sitting on the floor of the mosque and just chatting with Maha and asking her questions.


After we headed back for a quick nap/rest before going to a “sound and light show” projected onto the Sphinx and pyramids. We got there a bit late cause of the traffic so I literally sat in the front seat (oops I missed the “VIP section” sign) and enjoyed the show. It was very cool to see the pyramids lit up at night with the stars shining in the sky. We are right across the street at a lovely restaurant where we are with Mohammed, our tour organizer. We returned to our hotel pretty late, maybe about 11, and packed up our things for an early travel morning (4 am) the next day.


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  1. Your pictures are outstanding and the way you give every detail of what you do and see.If you ever leave your work that you love and do so well now you could always be a reporter for National Geographic Travel Magazine.They sure could use you so much detail Lyndsey thank you for all the work you put in this to share.I sure enjoy it all.


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