The parents take on Saudi Arabia

Hi everyone,

Apologies that these blogs are so all over the place but I’m trying to catch up on December adventures! So to start, I’d like to talk about my parents trip to KAUST

After our incredible Egypt trip, my parents flew over the Red Sea to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They arrived while I was in my graduation rehearsal, and despite a flight delay, David was able to pick them up and bring them to KAUST. I made some lentil nachos and brought them over to KAUST Inn, where my parents were staying. I let them relax for a very brief time, and then I gave them a little tour of campus. I showed them the harbor sports club, discovery square, the mosque, and my house.

After the tour, we got ready for the evenings convocation dinner. We were having a preparty at my friend George’s with all of our friends and their families. The night was super fun, with everyone dressed up and eating yummy food. I had a blast.

The next day my parents and David and I went out for a snorkel excursion from KAUST. I was so excited to have such a perfect day to show them the incredible reefs right in my back yard. Also- my advisor, Mike, was on the trip so that was awesome that he got to chat with my parents. It was perfect weather and a great day.

In the evening after the snorkel trip was graduation. Unfortunately it started a bit late so it ended a bit late. But I graduated and it was a happy moment!

The next day was their last day in Saudi, so after a little sleep in, I showed my parents my house again, and we headed to the Island Recreation Center with my roommate, Maha. This is the best view during the day, because you can see the sea and the gorgeous colors of the reef. It was such a nice afternoon, and I was super happy that my family got to meet Maha because she is super kind and funny and happy, so they got to know a local Saudi Arabian. Maha and I are surprisingly similar despite very different upbringings. We are both super happy, adventurous, and likes to try new things.

After lunch, Maha had to head out for an appointment in Jeddah, so the fam and I and David hung out by the pool for a few hours soaking up the sun and relaxed. At about 4:00 we grabbed the bus to South Beach, so they could see it for sunset. We had a restful afternoon at the beach, and the sunset was pretty spectacular. After the beach, we returned to our homes and showered and got ready for dinner. We are at the Harbor Recreation Center which has my favorite falafel salad and also really good pasta. That night we packed and got ready for the Spain trip, and grabbed our taxi at midnight.


  1. Lyndsey….Mahalo nui loa for all da beautiful photos and journals you have been sharing. Love, love…love…reading your journals.

    Stay Safe as you Study and enjoy your journey.

    Aunty Jeanne

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  2. It was so nice your family could be there for graduation.To make a family vacation out of all of it also.You have seen so much and enjoyed all your experiences.You sharing with all of the rest of us is awsome.The color of the fish and coral you see are unbelievable.I always look forward to the next blog.Please always stay smart and safe..I know you do a lot of research on all your trips.I guess it is just the mother in me.God Bless and enjoy you research at the university of Saudi Arabia and all your travles.


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