Arriving in Malaga, Spain

I’m writing this about two months after I actually was on the trip, so this is going to be more of an account of the highlights. We arrived to Malaga, Spain in the afternoon and reunited with Kylie and her boyfriend Cody at the hotel. It was my first time seeing her in about a year so I was very excited to see her again. After checking out the beautiful hotel, we went down the road in the beautiful village of Benalmadina.

I had a delicious meal of vegetarian Spanish rice (I’m blanking on the same) with an avocado salad, bread, and sangria. It was sooo good. We ended up having a similar meal many times on this trip but I am a fan so it’s fine with me! After lunch we took a quick look at the ocean before heading into central Malaga to check out the Christmas festivities. It was December 16th so the lights and markets were attracting visitors from around the world. We took the public bus about an hour, and found the location quite easily since it was just the last stop. We arrived at the perfect time, and at around 8:30 they started the light performance right when we got there. There’s one street with a canopy of lights near the historical center of the city. And a few time each evening they had a synchronized light show that went along with some Spanish Christmas music.

It was magical and super happy. After the light show, we headed over to the harbor area that had the Christmas markets. I wish the US had these too, where local vendors would set up seasonal shops just before the holidays. It was super nice! They had all kinds of goods, like jewelry, clothes, meats, plants, and bags. In the middle was an arrangement of Christmas trees which were lit up, and even some fake snow. It was so cute and even a bit cold so I was finally feeling like it was Christmas.

After shopping, I got a yummy gelato (in my favorite flavor- Ferraro) and then we walked back to the historical section. These tiny streets with cute cafes were amazing. Each were uniquely decorated and were looking very festive. I highly recommend checking out Malaga it is a very cute city. There’s a lot of old buildings and forts and tons to see so we returned in a few days to see them in daylight. After eating some dessert in a cafe and wandering the streets a bit, we headed back to our hotel at around 10 pm.

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  1. So nice Kylie was able to catch up with you and the rest of the family.The Christmas decorations are interresting.I did not know what the weather was around there so when you said it was cold I know you would not have that in Hawaii.Glad you all had such a good time and this is very interresting.


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