Sunrise game drive and Maasai village

The next morning we got up bright and early for an optional morning game drive. Often when I travel I assume everyone else who likes to travel is as adventurous as me but I was surprised when we woke up and there was only one other person who wanted to a game drive with us in the morning. I would never dream of missing a game drive, since we traveled all the way to Kenya to go on this tour. Anyways I didn’t mind that it was just a few us us cause we got room to move around. And our driver did amazing as always to get us super close to wildlife. We got into the park before the sun rose. We lucked out and found some cheetahs and got to watch sunrise.

We also saw around 6 lions on the top of a little hill. Our driver did a super good job spotting them, then by the time we finished there were a bunch of cars trying to get a peak of these lions. It was awesome!

We saw more elephants, giraffes, and a whole hillside of buffalo before we had to head back at the lodge and meet up with the others. We had a quick breakfast then at around 8:30 we headed to a nearby Masaai village, where we got to see a traditional dance, get a tour of their homes, they showed us how to start a fire, and then we shopped around. It totally brought me back to living in Tanzania and doing research with the Maasai. I couldn’t remember the language very well but I tried! They were super kind and welcoming. It was a fun experience!

After the Maasai village we had to pack up our belongings and make the long journey out. We ventured along the backroads for several hours. The day was spent driving unfortunately. We split up with most of the group, and they headed back to Nairobi as we headed to another national park, called Lake Nakuru. It was our mission to see rhinos, as they were the last of the big five for us to see. There was one other girl in the car with her, and she was super nice and from Massachusetts and we ended up having some mutual friends in common which was super cool! We had our buffet lunch on the way, and didn’t arrive at Lake Nakuru until around 5 pm. David and I went for a walk around town and then had dinner around 7 pm. We went to bed early and got ready for another early morning game drive.


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