Lake Nakuru National Park

We woke up bright and early for breakfast at the hotel, before loading the van with our bags and departing for a game drive in Lake Nakuru. We were there super early, and went on a mission to find some rhinos. Along the way, we saw tons of buffalo and baboons along the lake. Our tour driver kept our expectations pretty low, saying that we may not see any rhinos, and that lions and other cats are pretty rare.

Before long, we got pretty close to the lake where there was a huge field, and to our surprise we saw rhinos! The first one we saw was accompanied with a juvenile, and they were super close to the road. As we headed to the lake to see the flamingos, we saw like three other groups of rhinos which was amazing. There was even some that crossed the road right in front of us. It was epic. We parked the car here for quite some time to observe the rhinos, maybe an hour or so. It was amazing to see them so close in their natural habitat. They are so endangered, and commonly killed for their horns which some people believe have medicinal benefits.

After watching for the rhinos for a while, we went right up to the lake side to see the flamingos. There used to be tons, but apparently in recent years they haven’t been showing up (climate change?).

After the lake we continued driving looking for a species of giraffes that are unique to this park, they are called the Rothschild’s giraffe. On the way, we came across two lions, that our driver spotted from far away. He got the car so close and we were able to spend an hour or so observing them. They were so beautiful, and really uncommon in this park, so we were super lucky.

After observing the lions, we finally found the giraffes. We also saw some other animals too, like the ostrich and zebras.

On our way out of the park, we spotted the elusive leopard. Unfortunately they are super shy and we were only able to catch a glimpse. But we felt extremely lucky for this rare encounter.

By around 10 AM it was time to head back to Nairobi so we could catch our evening flight. We had lunch along the way, and then picked up more people at this stop to bring into the city. It was a pretty short vacation but we definitely made he most of every minute. I was super glad we went and it was most definitely worth it. I hope to make it back to Kenya again, for the wildebeest migration. I also want to check out the beaches on the east coast!

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