Murano, Burano, and Torcello

My last day in Italy I decided to go to the islands of Burano, Murano, and Torcello. I woke up around 7 am to try to make the most out of the day. The weather report wasn’t as nice as the previous days, so I wanted to get to the islands before it rained. I used my public transportation unlimited pass (ps it’s cheaper for students). This includes both boats and buses all over venice. Murano is the closer of the islands, and it’s famous for glass. Apparently this was Europe’s first glass making center- and is knows for cristallo, which was almost transparent and considered the finest glass in the world. When I got there (8:30ish) none of the glass galleries were open so I decided to walk across the island to the other other ferry pickup point.

The next boat ferry was a bit longer to get to, around 30 minutes. This brought me to the island of Burano, a fishing village famous for its brightly colored buildings. I really wanted to spend a good amount of time here wandering and taking in the sights. This island is famous for lace making, apparently it can take up to a year making one of these masterpieces. Similarly to Murano, Burano is made out of lots of small islands connected with bridges. I was starving so I decided to go on a mission to find a good breakfast. Things were just starting to open when I arrived so I wandered and waited until one opened and got a delicious veggie sandwich and coffee.

I spent some time at this cafe relaxing and reading some papers I printed for work. Afterwards I wandered around the brightly colored canals and took photos.

if you’re ever in Venice I would say that this island is a must visit. I went early so there weren’t tons of people and I absolutely loved the colors of the buildings. It reminded me a lot of Bo Kaap in South Africa. I got a delicious gelato and enjoyed it while sitting on the side of the canal. A friendly dog came over for a snuggle which obviously made my day. Afterwards I found another ferry terminal and decided to go to a nearby town of Torcello.

Torcello was a lot quieter and didn’t have a ton to do, but I wanted to see it while I was there. There were some pricey restaurants so I decided to skip lunch for now and see what else there was. It started to rain so I went into a museum and realized it was free for the day! I looked around for about a half hour until the rain slowed, then decided to return to Murano for lunch and to see some glass.

On Murano I wandered about looking for food and shopping and looking at glass. The weather was pretty grey and cold, but decided to have lunch out on the canal nonetheless. I was super hungry since it was late and ate a ton.

After lunch I went on a mission to find a glass making demonstration. I asked the waiter from my lunch spot and he recommended the store just across the canal. It was about 5 euros but I splurged and ended up loving the demonstration. They made a case and horse, both of which are classic in Murano.

Afterwards, I took a ferry back to Venice and did more wandering for a few hours before finding a dinner spot. I got one last gnocchi meal and spritz, and by this time it was like 9 pm so I decided to go back to my hostel and pack. the next morning I slept into 9 AM, and checked out of my hotel and got a breakfast at a nearby cafe.

There was a bus station near the hostel, so I went there and paid for a bus to the airport and then was on my way home!

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