Enjoying the island life in the Maldives

Hi everyone! I’d like to start out asking for a sew seconds if your time to please vote for me, I’d love this opportunity to return to the Maldives! I’m not a model or an influencer but I still think I could be a great brand ambassador so I’d really appreciate your vote. The link is here https://www.seadantours.com/portfolio

And back to the blog- I had another great night’s sleep, and woke up bright and early to catch sunrise. I was happy that Vaibhav woke up early so I could have someone take my pics on the swing. The sunrise wasn’t incredible but it was still nice and I loved it.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and got ready for breakfast and a trip to a sandbank organized by our hotel. again it was just me and Vaibhav on the tour, with a snorkel guide and the captain, both of which were very nice. They saw my free diving fins and took me to a ship wreck which was at 20 m depth. I didn’t want to push my breath holding limits but I still got down and took some nice pics. Next, we went to a very scenic sandbar and we lucked out with some pretty perfect sunny weather. The captain saw me taking selfies and decided to have a full on photo shoot with me, god bless him. I think he was used to this and even made me do some yoga poses and jump in the air. It was great! He also really wanted to show me some anemones so we went snorkeling, and ended up staying in the water for quite a long time. He was showing me all kids of cool things. Like painted lobster, which were so beautiful and colorful. We also saw loads of purple anemones and some eels.

After the boat trip we returned to the beach near the hotel and had a little photo shoot on the hammock in the water. It was fabulous. I decided I wanted to make the most out o the day so I walked over to the other side of the island where I rented a paddle board for $10 and the guy said it is not in high demand so I could have it as long as I wanted. I brought my sunscreen, mask and snorkel, and rash guard and hat and started on a tour around the island. I was on a mission to find all the stingrays and sharks, so I went to a little seagass meadow and found some big sting rays feeding. I stayed on the paddle board and peeped my head into the water to check out the ray and got some videos. The wind on one side of the island was quite calm whereas the other side was a bit more windy and waves. But I was determined to see everything so I went for it. If I needed a break I found a little tree or wood pole to hold on to and sunbathed. I must have paddle boarded for like two hours and by the end I was feeling pretty tired, but it was beautiful and most of the beaches were completely empty.

After my paddle board I went to get lunch around 1:30. I wanted a nice view so I went to a little beach bar that had tables in the sand overlooking a beautiful empty beach. I got some veggie pasta and. Delicious refreshing passion fruit mock trail. Alcohol is not allowed on local island in Maldives, and they just have it at the resorts. I know for a lot of people that is a deal breaker but for me it was fine, I am used to lack of alcohol in Saudi Arabia.

Afterwards I headed back to the hotel beach, bought some aloe for my sunburn, and took a nap in the shade for a few hours. At around 5 I decided I wanted ice cream so i found a little shop that sold some and I found a nice little beach with no one on it, but some empty swings. I sat there and read my book until the sun set which was super relaxing. My friend came and joined me for sunset and took some photos of me in the swing which was nice. Afterwards I was feeling quite tired but got a text form the hotel owner saying that he was going to go out on the boat for a night snorkel to catch lobster and asked if I wanted to come along, which clearly I did! I got ready really fast and then headed to the beach where I hopped on the bus and did a night snorkel. I love being in the sea at night as nocturnal animals come out and the scene is quite different. The guys had success and found some lobsters. And I saw some cool things like a lion fish, eel hunting, some cool shrimps, etc. I even saw a cool species of hermit crabs that have little anemones on their back that they use as protection against predators.

We got back to the hotel quite late and I had to pack all my belongings since I would be leaving Dhiffushi the next morning to head to Male to get to my liveaboard. It was a pretty short stay of only three nights but I sure made the most of every moment and I had so much fun. Highly recommend the hotel I stayed at, it was fabulous.

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