Week long liveaboard in the Maldives

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Surprisingly, this was my first liveaboard ever, not counting the weekend trips in Saudi Arabia. I am definitely hooked on the experience. I am now done the liveaboard and I can say I saw something cool every single dive, and I did 19 total dives. I had such an amazing time, I wish I could afford to do this all the time. This might be the most expensive activity I have ever done, with one week costing like $1,500, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I lucked out and was upgraded boats and ended up on. The Carpe Vita since not enough people signed up for the boat I originally joined. In the end there were only 12 us on a pretty massive boat, that normally fit 20 people. I was super happy that I was able to get my own room, without paying for a single. The room itself was pretty spacious, not like the other liveaboard boats I have been on. It was like a hotel room with two beds, and a big bathroom with a large shower.

My room for the week
Taken with drone by Olivier during the liveaboard

I got a speed boat from Dhiffushi Island to the Male Airport where I waited around 30 minutes before meeting up with the staff of the liveaboard who took us to the boat. We got situated on board, chatted and met each other, and then enjoyed a delicious lunch. The food on board was incredible, and they always had amazing vegetarian options with every meal. Not to mention they sold alcohol, which was a nice treat after going half a year without any. Once everyone was on the boat we did a check out dive. Since it was right next to Male city I expected it to be horrible but I was very pleasantly surprised. We saw things like octopus, nudibranchs, lobster, eels, and anemones. I later found out that these are super common sights but I never got sick of it. I am very easy to please underwater. Give me a camera/flashlight and I can stare at a single fish for an hour. I love just watching animals, especially octopus as they are so smart and amazing. Their colors flash underwater and they stare at you and I just think they are one of my favorite animals.

Eel being cleaned by a cleaner wrasse
Hiding octopus

The first day it was just the check out dive and getting our gear set up and used to the boat. I was honestly exhausted after dinner and a beer so i think I was asleep by 8 PM. Every day our wake up call was at 6 AM with our dive briefing at 6:30. Most days we did 3 dives, and it was great essentially we woke up, dove, ate breakfast, dove, ate lunch, napped, dove, then dinner, then I looked at my photos and charged my camera and went to bed. It was not a bad week at all. Eat, sleep, dive, repeat!

So many fruits for breakfast everyday! my heaven

In between dives I chose to read or sleep up on the sun deck. There was a little hot tub up there with cold water that I used to cool off when the sun was too warm. And this was a perfect spot to catch sunset every night!

View from my reading spot in the shade

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